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14 Jun 2006 @ 18:31, by Bee


An economy in a new civilization model community should not interfere with the present day existing economic systems. A new economic system should be integrated and exterior to the present economy. Credits for work performed can be spent within the community or transferred to integrate banking systems. Some people are natural savers of a part of their incoming money. Most are not, relegating credits to pay for necessities, entertainment, transportation, communication etc

In order for this proposal for a new civilization model community to go forward there has to be the impetus of funding. Funding to provide a new community infrastructure and maybe even a place where someone could park their van down by the river. The central part of the proposal for newciv members to participate in this new frontier of living is that a funding source is created. Ergo, the concept of developing an proven, tested, discovered body of ore into the manufacture of gold bars. In these recent blog entries I have been presenting the over all plan to do this and inviting participation.

Fleming Funch has graciously allowed me to communicate to all of the members, resources, connections of NCN and I am a member of NCN, (he’s the owner of the website). I formed a discovery and development company based upon my years of acquiring interests in gold mining properties in northern Nevada. Here at the website we can form examples of how to proceed to have a model of a newciv community.

The Discovery company that develops first the ownership of the rights to the precious metals required an investment of three hundred and fifty dollars to proceed. The investment would be of 35 people or less who would invest ten thousand dollars each and receive over all 18% of ownership and of the profits from the sale of gold. The first two investors have come in and there are five or six that should also be on their way in with us. The information of this proposal that I have made first to the New Civ Network has gone out all over the internet. I have received and responded to several hundred emails so far. Many people would like jobs in the new civilization and working in the gold field. Among those responses were people of means who knew the responsibility of churning money. After all, a gold mine that produces gold bars is a good thing for people to have. These investors have recognized an opportunity to receive high yield profit compared to a relatively small investment.. They know that there is a risk that this might not happen. They think that this is a risk worth taking.

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14 Jun 2006 @ 20:48 by b : with investors coming into
the discovery company it will be a short time(months) that all of the registration and predevelopment process will be comple. The first investors get a stake in ownship of a tested proven gold ore body of land. The newciv/gold project goes on. Most likely the Majestic Discovery company will transform into a corp if the participating investors remain people or groups from outside the NCN membership. So the gold mine operation part will mostly become a commercial venture. So then, all is well.

19 Jun 2006 @ 04:33 by protech : Interest

Did I read mention of a workgroup for this project somewhere? And if so, could you provide a link to it? (I can't seem to find it in the 'groups' section of NCN).

Other than that, I find the whole project intriguing and would like to be included in the info-loop, if possible (sadly, at the moment, I don't have $10k to invest, but perhaps nearer the end of the year).

19 Jun 2006 @ 04:39 by protech : Also...
Have you spoken with Frederick Mann of http://www.buildfreedom.com ? I believe he now resides in Las Vegas Nevada, and might well look favourably upon this project (I'm sure he has large reserves of e-gold also ;-).

He co-founded Terra Libra many years ago (which since "dissolved" into BuildFreedom.com -- look for all the Terra Libra Reports at the website).  

19 Jun 2006 @ 22:30 by b : Hi Protech
workgroup is called newcivGold. Not too much activity there but you are invited.
No, I have not spoke with Frederick Mann and link does not show his name or contact. Though I did recognize one name there on the link .
You can also contact me via internal newciv mail. Just click message center. Contact" bee, b, baron.  

5 Jul 2006 @ 22:26 by b : It is strange to me
that most people interested in this project are from out of NCN.  

6 Jul 2006 @ 01:05 by bushman : Gold
Bee, lots of people have gold fever, outside of NCN, and would say or do anything to get at it. Id have to say, if it were me, something like, if your going to invest, you will have to participate in the community in some way. Like I wouldnt like the project to become just some money makeing venture, when the whole point is to model a new civ community. I would be worried more cash was leaving the new community, going to neighboring towns or even out of the country. Maybe even worse, losing control over the community, and having someone buy it up, boot everyone and turn it into some sort of cassino. I had this vission many years ago, about this whole thing, one thing I remember the most was these big ass gold coins, 1/4 inch thick about the size of a 1lb coffee can lid. These were minted coins, nice and shinny too. But the odd thing was I seen them inside a broken by looters, slot machine just laying there on the ground, people running around everywhere. Anyway I would maybe come up with some protections from what ever investors come into the project from outside.  

6 Jul 2006 @ 18:22 by b : Gold is not the stuff of dreams
It is very real commodity of precious metals. What I have redesigned from all of the blogs about this that I have written for the NCN membership is a more commercial application of the Discovery company formation. I have put together a proforma for investors who are willing to take the risk of prospecting in a proven area for gold bearing properties with proven reserves. So these investors recieve ownership in proved up properties ready to be mined and milled. Through brokerage there is a multitude of response that is specific to my needs of producing gold bars. In none of the blogs have I addressed my needs to do this other then a call for investors in the Discovery company and serving the NCN purpose of founding a new civilization model community.
Well, other then you Bushman and a few others here at Newciv(and that includes Ming) No one seems interested in creating a brand new community that is fully funded, to make a new and better civilization. No one even cares here to discuss who would live in the new community and what they would do or not do there.

In the past 26 years I have been involved in developing gold bearing properties many times in an area of proven reserves. I have always done this before in a commercial manner for financial profit. This time in my offering of this plan to the NewCivNetwork I had hoped for some enthusiasm from members or a least strong interest. What I have received for these ideas, plans, offering, is little or no interest at NCN for creating a new civilization. Or critisism based upon false perceptions. What I will do now is take the money. Then I will do what I will do with it.  

7 Jul 2006 @ 15:58 by bushman : Hmm
They would want in, if they saw others accually being handed a chunk of gold for thier good works in the new community. The first payday, put on video, and seeing people liveing comffy off free power and food. And maybe some sort of citizen testamonials, like, I just pulled weeds 2 hours a day for a month, and got handed a 1lb of gold, or I painted, I worked the kitchen, etc.. Still, I don't think anyone in NCN has 10,000 bucks at hand to invest, which means, people would want a place to live in the new community and hopefuly invest thier time in it. Right now theres no where to go try it out. Involvment might mean we would have to have some of the community up an running before people got involved. Maybe the investors set them selves up as a HOA and make the basic foundation rules laws, this would be fine if all those investors were totaly loyal to the community, and the concept of it there in. To me, it's going to take a special breed, to just give up the comfot they live in now, they have to have that pioneer spirit, and guts, to take such a risky leap.  

10 Jul 2006 @ 17:29 by b : Planning is to have
the infrastructure in place before people move into the community. So that people arriving by plane, helicopter, roads land at an arrival point where identities are verified. Then go through a routing form to draw upon community properties, food, energy sources. The exchange is what was decided when making the original arrangements to join the model community or come to the base.

The investors at these initial stages are limited in participation as is there percentage of ownership of the whole company. Their investment is passive and their interest is roi, return on investment, plus a 3,4 or 5 times return. Their ownership is less then twent per cent of the whole. Their influence on the model community is nil. Theirs is a financial arangement. To some investors who know little of Newciv, NCN it makes little sense to promise 23 per cent of the profits of cleanly
extracting 250 million dollars in gold reserves reserves to start a model new civilization community.  

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