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12 May 2006 @ 21:19, by Bee

Creating a land based community would seem to be an ideal solution for people who joined a website called newciv.org. People who come to NCN, new civ network, are people who want to change the world to a better place or at least people who want to know how that can be done. A plan to create a land based community dedicated to creating a new and better civilization should come as no surprise to people who are interested in changing the world. I have presented a plan to fund a newciv model community. Based in northern Nevada. I have interests in gold mining properties there and I am offering to develop mining, milling, smelting gold reserves to help fund a newciv model community. I have written about it in previous blog entries.

There have been many visions of a new civilization presented through the years, many fragments.
There has never even been an online community here. A loose network of people who come here and blog or communicate in chat rooms so many different interests. So many who also do not contribute. Some members just read and look around. Some join and don’t come back.. I write this for people who want to participate in creating a community of people and infrastructure that would be a base of a model new civilization.

A community like a civilization should be sustaining to those members of the community. There should be a purpose beyond survival. In 2006 on Earth civilizations seem doomed. There are so many clashes of
nations, cultures, religion. Of course it has seemed doomed throughout the 20th century and life has gone on. I am sure that life will continue on Earth. That does not mean that at least one place on Earth should be dedicated to saving civilization by creating a model environment in which to live, work, produce and be at leisure. A place though where the people are dedicated to knowing who they are as beings on Earth. A place where research and product development is regarded and products go out to a market. A place where research develops with innovators, new types of energy resources, engines and even advanced drives for spacecraft. Yes, before we all blow each other up or destroy our environment ways should be created so that many of the human race can go out to the stars. To find new worlds and explore the universe.
So this model community should have among it people who can find and create the new technologies and expand, produce and enhance the technologies that we have to feed, shelter, clothe, transport and communicate with all of the people.

At this writing, the gold reserves that I have been talking about prospecting heave reached at todays prices a total of three hundred and fifty million dollars in gold reserves. That is a good base of funding for a 4 to 5 thousand member community with hi tech ideals and sustainable food resources and infrastructure.

Maybe, for now. This new community should be called “ the Base”. There is a lot to be built.

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15 May 2006 @ 00:44 by iamramtha : new and better
Where do I sign up?  

16 May 2006 @ 19:12 by b : OK IamRamtha
I hope you have also read the predeeding log entries about NCN and the gold funding project. We have internal email here at newciv and if you go to the message center near top of the page you can send imail to b or bee and I will answer any further questions you have and also send you some additional documents if you want to be an investor and be one of the few to recieve high returns on an investment in this project.
Or, you can send email to me at beesbiz@yahoo.com

18 May 2006 @ 22:51 by b : I hope that there is still interest here
about a newciv model community project. Not many though could make an investment to start receiving profits from gold mining. Read the blog entries for details about taking profits and the new civilization. Anyone can communicate with me by internal mail by going to the message center and send message to bee or b. or to beesbiz@yahoo.com  

26 May 2006 @ 18:54 by b : I am still hoping
that more people here at NCN will sign on to have this project become a reality.
That members will contact me or at least leave their name or handle that they are for this idea of a new civ model community that is funded by a gold mine.  

30 May 2006 @ 19:14 by b : Creating a Community
It would be nice that in a community of high minded people that we should all be friends. Especially if we are interested in sharing a new and better civilization together. I would like to take a poll of how many members have interest in the newciv community and gold proposal.  

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