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9 May 2006 @ 23:38, by Bee

The price of gold reached $700 an ounce in May 2006. I know a property in Northern Nevada that has 50 million ounces of gold in reserves. At current prices that is 350 million dollars. The mining process is not difficult and the milling extraction process could be conventional. So there is no reason that smelting the gold into bars is not complicated.

In order to work the property it has to be recorded. I have the engineering, feasibility and assay reports. .
Now that I have put monies toward the development of this project I will become and in fact, am the sole proprietor. .

I have written here of a plan to share this wealth with the members of NCN. I have talked with several dozen NCN members and have written extensively of what I have suggested. Members of Newciv.org have joined this site knowing full well that members are committed to changing civilization. Unless some can immediately suggest a more common and more equal exchange then US dollars then money has to flow
toward this project.

I have explained this in previous blog entries and in email correspondence. If people want to share a profit from this

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10 May 2006 @ 17:29 by b : Success oriented people
One of the things that I wondered about when I decided to present the newciv model community project here. The most important thing I wanted to know is whether there are NCN members who have ever made financial investments and recieved a return of their investment? Now I am beginning to wonder if there are any NCN members were desire success in their life and are achievers?  

10 May 2006 @ 22:58 by b : Aprapo of nothing but a new poem
B Berez

Inovation is revolutionary
Revolution is against it
Winning is revolutions promise fufilled
The revolution comes with a surge

Change is revolutions constant
Revolutionary thinking is clear
It is best to disengage emotions
Clinical is the way to project zeal

A revolution opens a mind
Be for revolution
Telepathic wavelengths are contacted
Humans enter a revolution by a decision

Revolutionary is Art
Grace of explosion
Red with symbol
Revolution is now

Revolution of Human Spirit
To know yourself
If you resist you are lost
Start a revolution and win  

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