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19 Apr 2006 @ 21:58, by Bee

This is the third blog entry re my proposal for newciv members who want to to help create a newciv model community. Several
members have posted newciv visions of what the community should be like.

This is an opportunity for members of this website to be able to reach out and into the membership to create a model community based on principles of freedom, equality, intelligence, ethics, commerce, technologies and Love.

Yes, Love. It sure beats the hell out of hate. It is more helpful to communication. When love is present it enhances reality.

So again I say there are two main parts to this endeavor:
Creating a model new civilization community and getting it up an running. I have stated that it can be fully funded and presented a way to do this. I have an interest in several gold bearing properties in Northern Nevada and am will to contribute them to this project. Of there are funding needs that can be iniatialy met my investor members who are will to take the risk of being invested first in return for huge potential profit. Certainly they would get their money back with high interest.

But, in order for this new civilization project to happen there has to be suffcient interest by the members of NCN. We who come here to this website have always known it to be a network of peoply not necessarily a community. It is different to take people who communicate through a website on the internet to a location in the USA to build a new model community of what we would like civilization to be.

Some of the questions that have come up are who will govern such a community? Someone has to be in charge? I have left that up to discussion by the members who will participate in that decision. Since I have volunteered to provide the funding for this I think that I should be in charge of that.

However this happens and I hope that it does I am going to continue to aquire and legally register ther gold bearing properties. I will retest those that I don't have engineering reports on and prove them up for gold reserves.
This is a time in the current world when the price of gold is very high in contrast to other times in the past when I had gold bearing properties and the price of gold was so low in comparison that little inteest was shown. I can get this gold out of the ground and made into gold bars for about $200 an ounce. The price today is well over $600 an ounce.

I want to know if there are people at NCN who have made investments in the past and are accredited investors? Those people can communicate to me re our internal email to me personaly at beesbiz@yahoo.com

Do any of you members want to see a new civilization community develop with fresh mores, ideals and systems? You can govern it in any way that is acceptable by a majority.

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20 Apr 2006 @ 16:59 by b : From the lack of response
to my proposal create a newciv model community, I can deduce that there is little interest in the membership of NCN creating anything outside of the website.
The matter of my including some gold bearing properties and developing gold mines to fund the newciv community is probably best suited as a commerical venture. Not really for NCN members.  

20 Apr 2006 @ 18:13 by vibrani : Probably right, bee
NCN doesn't take itself seriously enough. I wouldn't want to have a business associated with NCN these days. Look at the values at this place, for one thing. And the owner who is barely involved with NCN and its members. Hope you find investors. I'm doing some of my investing the more old fashioned way - gold bars already made, other minerals...starting from scratch is tough. The rest is invested to help make other people's lives better, too.  

20 Apr 2006 @ 19:02 by bushman : Lack of Money,
Probably more than 90% of the members havent even seen your proposal. If I had the money, Id jump right in, and we could be partners, lol. Anyway, this is a network, its not up to Ming, why should it be? You expect a machine to have personal values, yet, it's your values that are being reflected on this network, and the rest of the members who think they can do better someplace else, is your bussiness, not mine, I'm what makes NCN have some values. You dont try, you whine, V, speak for yourself, not me. Anyway Bee, if I win some lotto, Ill be knocking on your door. :}  

20 Apr 2006 @ 21:10 by b : Thanks Bushman
for your support. I like the way that you continually try to improve yourself and help others. You are right that I have not yet been able to present this to more then ten per cent of the membership. I am even denied a header on the splash page by its keeper Jazzolog who hasn't deemed it fitting that my last three blog entries have been offering NCN members a real Newciv community and that all members can participate.  

20 Apr 2006 @ 22:39 by vibrani : Hey Bushman
I wasn't speaking about you. And by values I don't expect a machine to have values. I mean that we have some guidelines that aren't respected by the people who are members, and are not even followed by Ming. Such as allowing abuse and slander of members by name on public logs. Remember, we agreed to the terms with Ming. Why say, "you don't try, you whine?" Why b hasn't been able to reach more members yet - like on the splash page - good question.  

21 Apr 2006 @ 01:06 by bushman : Hmm,
Well asking members from the splash page, maybe Jazz thinks this is an internal project? If members are just going to the splash page just to see whats intresting, they are missing the point of being a member. I'm just saying, V, that sometimes it's just best to ignor certine people, and not have such a hair trigger. I'm just saying, that Ming dosn't get paid to control what goes on, and like he really has time, for us "users", we are "users" of the network that Ming built, and its up to us to be in control, of ourselves, even if someones slapping one of us around. :}  

21 Apr 2006 @ 15:53 by jazzolog : Actually
I've been keeping an eye on the comments to the 3 entries to see if a thread develops about community or wealth or something. It is not rare for someone to join NCN, set up a Log, put up an entry about the product, guru or service (s)he's got...and then vanish. Such notices turn up at Subjects also. I don't think there's anything wrong with using a Log for advertising projects or products. Of course b is a member of long standing, but I think I ought to be careful about splashing a headline like this one outfront...especially if a sizeable investment may be involved. Rest assured, I've been wrestling with this...and will find the ethics more easy if suddenly things get very active at this entry. It would be wonderful if some of the original initiative of NCN finally were to become realized...such as a real community.  

21 Apr 2006 @ 16:07 by jstarrs : Good luck with your project, b
...I haven't commented before because it's not something I plan to join in on for many reasons.
Best wishes with it, though.  

21 Apr 2006 @ 20:56 by b : Thank you All
It is nice to see some encouragement for this project, for me and NCN from long time active responsible members here at NCN.
Maybe we will have a community and build it out and operate it like a model community for the world to see.  

21 Apr 2006 @ 21:43 by jmarc : Gold
It looks like a great time to be starting a venture in gold mining as the price keeps climbing. I have no capital though, so I guess this is just another good luck message. I would think that if you are looking for investment capital that you may want to find a group of CAPITALists, something that is quite sparse at newciv, in my opinion. I think the idea of a newciv community needs much, much more work to sort out, though. Simple basic issues such as security and government could be hashed over for years without any concrete settlement, as this website is an indicator of that. A benevolent dictatorship wouldn't be too bad if you headed it, as I've noticed from previous posts by you on this subject, that you among few, have eyes that see. But there is nothing particularly new about benevolent dictatorships, so more re hashing is needed there too.
Anyway, good luck. And if there's anything i can do to help, although I'm not sure how much help I'd be, feel free to ask.  

24 Apr 2006 @ 20:45 by b : Again thank you all
I don't see any way for this to happen: both to create a gold mine producing gold bars for funding and profit for investors and a model new civilization community to show the world that a productive people can live in harmony with respect unless there is massive communication, discussion and agreement here.

I do need lots of help to get this project moving so that it can pick up momentum and bear frition so that all hee can benifit. W would like to reach more of the membership, to get out the word that this project exists. That is blogs of explanation exist and that there is even a workgroup called NewcivGold where discussions and organization can occur. There must be an agreed procedure by members or this goes commercial and NCN won't be involved then.
If you believe in this projct then there has to be more communication. I am open to any help, especialoly management.

But first more of the NCN membershop has to be reached and apprised of this situation of opportunity. So many intelligent people as are here at NCN can not be brain dead to a golden opportunity. For right now, those who want to help could communicate more to other member to get at least a general agreement that this project of operating a gold mine and creating a new civilization model community is not only possible but is happpening right here at newciv.com for all members.

I have talked to Ming about this and he has told me that he appoves of this project and is willing to help make it succeed.  

25 Apr 2006 @ 20:57 by b : Well, another day and
I am still trying to put 25 million dollars into a NCN project to create a new civilization and make some people a lot of money at the same time. Not much interest in money, funding or new civilizations that members want to part of??? How about some free cheesburgers.  

3 May 2006 @ 23:18 by b : Thanks Jmarc
I really do need some help with the workgroup newciv gold. I can't get the message center to work to send out multiple mailings to the member lists to tell them of the proposal on the blog and how to get this all started.  

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