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picture19 Apr 2004 @ 01:07, by Bee

LRH greeted me when I returned to the ship. But first I had to make sure that I had completed OT2. Saint Hill was all abuzz that LRH was going to release OT3 and OT4.

The SH org was going to charter a plane, or 2 planes to fly to Malaga, Spain. A lot of people wanted to go. I was on campus after having left the Qualifications office. I headed down the road toward the canteen. Months before I had brought them an electric grill I had found in London. I had to convince a few of the guys to fry burgers on it in the canteen. I even arranged for a local butcher to deliver some lean ground steak. I showed them how to thin slice onions and keep them prepared in a covered bowl. Then I cooked a burger added cheese, onion, put it on a roll with some American ketchup. When I entered the canteen it looked like business was brisk. I enjoyed the smell of the burgers cooking on the grill. “Hey Stoney” I yelled in the small crowded room” how about a cheeseburger.” Rock and Roll was blaring from a radio. Procal Harum sang “Whiter Shade of Pale.” The cook handed me my burger on a paper plate and a cold coke cola. I handed him a 10 bob note. He put up his hands, “Oh no Mr. B, no money from you.” He smiled, “business is grand, thanks to you.” I had even made up their first set of account books. I had just finished when I heard, “Hi Baron”. I smelled her as I turned on the stool. She squeezed next to me on the next seat. Petit and beautiful, with big hair and enormous hazel eyes, she was slim with a magnificent bosom. “Hi Julia,” she smelled great. I was a healthy, athletic, single, young man. “I heard that you were on the ship with Ron.” I smiled, “yep, and I am going to go back to take OT3.” “It’s crowded in here, I’d like to talk to you. Can we take a walk?” “Sure,” I said. Outside we walked the grounds that were always so green and manicured. We walked toward the small lake. Some years later Julia would become an internationally acclaimed opera singer but that day she began to tell me what life had been like as a student the last months. “So, the thing is I haven’t gone out with any guy. I haven’t been with anyone since I came here. I told these guys who live in my house. They’re gay. They told me that you are the coolest stud at Saint Hill. I don’t want a boy friend, I don’t want to get married. I just want to be held and loved for a while.” I put my hands on her shoulders, looked her in the eyes and said “I’m your man.” She smiled and blushed her soft olive skin. I said “ My car is in the parking area.” “No, no, she said, I have things to do. I’ll come to you tonight. You live in the inn, right?” “Yes, on top at the back.” When I went back to my small flat I told cook I was having a guest. “Good” she said “I’ve roasted a chicken for you.” “All right, how about some of that cold bubbly that I brought back from London?” I went out back and picked a few flowers in the little greenhouse. Then I went up and made a fire in the grate, arranged the flowers in a vase, put some soft jazz on my tape deck, lit a few candles and took a bath. She came, it was wonderful. She stayed the night. Eventually we ate all of the food. When she left in the morning after she kissed me, I didn’t see her for months.

It was a few days before the flight to Spain was organized. I packed and got ready for a stay onboard the ship. I left my car and my belongings and with a couple of bags joined a large group assembling near the canteen at Saint Hill. I had time to do a little shopping and I got an outfit for the trip. I wore a purple cassimere sweater over purple corduroy pants and a purple corduroy hat. There must have been a few hundred people in the crowd that wanted to go to Spain to Apollo. Everywhere on the road there were little groups as I dropped my bags and looked around. I saw Chris C. Chris was a large African American I had met playing sax in a small jazz club in Mayfair. He was taking some courses at SH. Chris had found a way to get grants from the U.S. government for students and this day had brought with him a tall rangy guy with curly brown hair. He was talking to one of the larger groups in the road. “I’m a student too, I live in Chelsea, when I go back to the USA I’m going to be a politician. I’ll be a governor and then president. ”Chris C. introduced me to a young Bill Clinton. We spoke for a few minutes. He wanted to know what was going on here. He told me that he was going to a peace conference behind the” Iron Curtin.” When we parted he told me “come to Arkansas.”
We all got on busses and rode to Heathrow Airport flew to Spain. We were bussed to the dock in Valencia where Apollo lay. After we got on board we assembled in the main dining area. We had all noticed a smaller steam ship berthed next to Apollo. That was where LRH was. He came in with a small staff of ships officers and joined us for lunch. LRH and staff filed in to a long table set for them. He looked around the room. Most of the faces were all from Saint Hill. When he spotted me his eyes widened and he began to speak. The room hushed. “Baron, it is good to see that you have come back. “ He looked around the room. “This man Baron is a very valuable person. He is like gold to me.” I felt that he referred to the adventure we had had with some pirates off the coast of Corsica on the voyage to Cagliari where I had helped save the ship from pirates who tried to break us on the rocks. The crowd did not know that though. “Are you back for good?” I allowed a few seconds then said, “ yes, but I’m here as a student to take OT3. I completed OT2 at Saint Hill.” For a part of a second he scowled then he said, “I expect nothing less then an intensive from you.” “Yes sir.” I replied. Then LRH welcomed the newcomers to Apollo, to the Sea Org, everyone clapped their hands. Then he turned back to his meal and the crowd began to buzz with conversation. After lunch I went and signed up to get my OT3 materials which I would solo audit.

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19 Apr 2004 @ 06:11 by ming : Bill Clinton!?
I'll be darned.  

20 Apr 2004 @ 14:06 by b : Sea Org
As you know I write of a time that Scientologists call the Golden Age. Many people from many countries came to the center of Scientology at Saint Hill, England. Sometimes it seemed that we all knew each other from other times and places and we were coming back together.  

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