Dare To Inquire: Geert Wilder's Fitna    
 Geert Wilder's Fitna7 comments
31 Mar 2008 @ 22:38, by Bruce Kodish

Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilder put together a montage about the threat of radical Islam to Non-Muslims and those Muslims—wherever they are—who aren't interested in subjugating Non-Muslims. Simple facts speak loudly. The cowardly powers that be at Network Solutions got frightened and denied Wilders a website for showing the film. Another site, LiveLeak was forced to stop showing it after the company received death threats. YouTube however has not given in to Islamo-fascist threats. Kudos to YouTube. Here's the film:

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31 Mar 2008 @ 22:54 by bkodish : Update on Fitna
Network Solutions still has Wilder's moviesite closed.

LiveLeak is now carrying the movie again. Kudos to LiveLeak!  

11 Apr 2008 @ 17:17 by bkodish : Youtube
I wrote that "YouTube however has not given in to Islamo-fascist threats. Kudos to YouTube."

I guess I was wrong.


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