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 Rest In Peace, Robert Anton Wilson.5 comments
picture11 Jan 2007 @ 22:21, by Bruce Kodish

My friend, Bob Wilson, who sometimes referred to himself as Doc (for " Damned Old Crank") died early this morning, according to accounts I have found on the internet, that seem quite reliable. (He had written about the consequences for him of previous news reports of his death in his book Cosmic Trigger III --one of my favorite works by him.) He apparently went the way he wanted to go, at home surrounded by friends and family.

A wonderful writer. A damned and damn great writer. Not appreciated by the mainstream media in the way that he deserved.

A lover of humanity.

He helped me personally with my books. Providing blurbs because he liked them. An honor. Thanks Bob.

I had argued with him (petty stuff, really) and had been out of touch but I thought about him often.

I had wanted to get in contact with him again, heard that he had been ill for some time and bedridden due to complications of post-polio syndrome. I had held off trying to get in touch with him.

Now he's gone. Damn!

Damn, I'm sorry I won't be able to communicate with you again, on this plane anyway.

I'll miss you, Doc.

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12 Jan 2007 @ 04:16 by judih : Shalom RAW
A brilliant inspirational human being. Shalom, sir.
Lucky you were, Bruce, to have a personal relationship with him in all its forms. Not everyday, does such a writer appear.  

12 Jan 2007 @ 07:24 by jobrown : Oooh, Bruce....
... so hard to 'lose' a dear Friend! ( Thank God, we are ALWAYS connected, in & through Spirit .... no matter what!) My Heart goes out to you! /Astrid  

16 Jan 2007 @ 06:41 by rayon : This writer passed me
- sometimes happens. Thought through my crowd in my twenties that I knew of them all, we were all "counterculture" I now see, from link of obiturary from conservative broad sheet newspaper in UK, put below.


It appears to me, that these counterculture types are the ones who actually do support the cultures, by being outspoken on them, rather than the rest who may be sheep like in this regard??? Will look out further for this writer extraordinaire.

Interesting that he benefitted from the Sister Kenny method of polio recovery. They made a film on this Nurse who saved many such children with her methods of care. The tradtion was to put splints on the legs and force the child to walk thus with crutches or whatever. She maintained that these splints prevented normal growth of the limbs and made the situation worse. Of course the Situation Scientists shook their heads in unison to such an idea, and luckily she persevered. All close to my heart as I had polio myself as a toddler in one of my feet, and remember. All OK now, but I should not enter Dressage on horseback for the Olympics, due to that foot, otherwise the rest can be done.

The Newspaper showing this obiturary is Mainstream, I promise.  

16 Jan 2007 @ 14:21 by bkodish : Mainstream Media
Thanks for the link to the UK paper obit, nraye.

Surprisingly the New York Times also had an obit of RAW.

Though they never deigned to review his books.


17 Jan 2007 @ 05:40 by rayon : Interesting
I agree, will have to ponder this. Perhaps it means that the chief reviewers of books art etc do actually collect the works of these notable outsiders and read them, but without ever giving credit for the inspirations that may have arisen from such books and worldly characters!! The truth always outs in the end!  

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