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9 Mar 2005 @ 22:33, by Bruce Kodish

I see that Hezballa, G-d's own party in Lebanon (*warning -- irony displayed here), has held a huge rally in Beirut with an estimated 1/2 million people. Hmmm? They couldn't have had any help from Syria and Iran for this display. Nah!

With the support of Syrian troops still in Lebanon and the Syrian and Iranian governments, Hezballa forces have their own militias and are not going to voluntarily give up their weapons and stand down.

They're already working to terrorize Lebanese Christians, Druse and others who might have other ideas.

Which means that talk about a free Lebanon anytime soon without a terrific struggle seems like a load of B.S. served warm.

See Ex-PM: Hezbollah rally numbers manipulated
Exiled Lebanese leader says Syria
used foreigners, coerced workers

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1 comment

10 Mar 2005 @ 12:21 by jmarc : yeah
it seems there will be some wild occillations first. We'll have to see what happens with the parliamentary elections next onth eh?  

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