Dare To Inquire: Facing Islamofascist Aggression    
 Facing Islamofascist Aggression6 comments
picture3 May 2004 @ 17:16, by Bruce Kodish

Psychologist Kurt Lewin wrote in 1939 about how the Jewish people should face the murderous aggression arrayed against them by Nazis and their sympathizers. The advice applies today as World and Israeli Jewry continue to face the murderous onslaught of Islamofascists:

"Friendliness is no appropriate response to an aggressor. In recent years we have seen in world politics how undignified, morally distasteful and unwise is the policy of appeasing an aggressor. It is both shameful and stupid to talk to a man who is determined to destroy you. For the enemy such friendly talk means only that you are either too weak or too cowardly to fight him. We should not be mistaken about the following point either: the onlooker, who is not yet prejudiced, might be won over and brought to sympathize with an individual or a group of people who fight back with all their power against an aggressor, while he will show very little sympathy for people who bow to an insult."
(From Kurt Lewin's book Resolving Social Conflicts)

The decade of appeasement of Arab fascism by world and Israeli Jewry is hopefully coming to an end with the rout of Ariel Sharon's appeasement program by Likud party voters. Three cheers to these brave Israelis even as we mourn the latest victims of Palestinian terrorists.

Arutz Sheva writer Joel Katzman provides a list of some of the present appeasers in his article Sacrificed to the Idol of Appeasement

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3 May 2004 @ 21:57 by b : It is very sad Bruce
En Breyra, no choice. Once again Israel must fight and win a decisive victory and a world around says no military victories allowed. It is either win or die. No choice.  

4 May 2004 @ 14:15 by vaxen : Yesh Breira!

14 Jun 2004 @ 17:07 by bkodish : Sharon's 'Appeasement'
I no longer feel so sure about my previous criticism of Sharon's attempts to disestablish Israeli communities from Gaza. Even though I assert the right of Israelis to live there, it may be making the best of a bad situation for Israelis to get out there and even to pull out of isolated areas of Judea and/or Samaria.  

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