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picture9 Oct 2003 @ 17:27, by Bruce Kodish

California has tremendous economic and social problems. What possibility of success in surmounting these problems does California's next Governor, Arnold Schwartzenegger, have?

I believe a great deal.

News media 'talking heads' have noted his lack of political experience. Yet I think his successes in the sport of body building, in business (real estate, etc.), and in the movie industry bode extremely well for Californians.

For Arnold knows how to hold a vision and to steadily work toward it in the face of all kinds of disturbances and difficultiesÉand to achieve results. To me this counts for a major part of what I understand as leadership.

Ralph DeBit, also known as Vitvan, a teacher who bridged Eastern and Western philosophies of living taught something that pertains here (I'm paraphrasing him): Learn one thing you do very well. Building faculty in one thing will help you understand how to build faculty in other areas.

Arnold knows this.

I think that the 'Governator' will surprise the scoffers. As one of his supporters, I send him my hearty best wishes.

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12 Oct 2003 @ 01:10 by jazzolog : Democracy As Disneyland
"In 2003, as Pixar drives hand-crafted animation out of the movies, it's that vision of a hermetically sealed simulation of democracy that is proving to be Walt's most lasting legacy. The original notion of Disneyland lives today not only in the first park, its satellites and its many imitators; its influence can be found in planned and gated communities, in Rouse-developed downtowns, in the carefully scripted 'reality' programs of network television, in the faux-urban ambiance of a shopping mall near you. It lives in Celebration, Fla., the model suburban town that Disney built in 1994 and has tried to manage with theme park-like control. But up until Arnold Schwarzenegger, no one had succeeded (though many have tried) in creating a powerful political movement according to the Disney park aesthetic: a content-free campaign, as hollow inside as a movie set's facade, that enjoyed an unimpeded romp to victory until scandal cast a shadow at the finish line."

Frank Rich, as provocative as ever~~~

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12 Oct 2003 @ 10:58 by Bruce Kodish @ : Disneyland Democracy
See {Link:http://www.frontpagemag.com/Articles/ReadArticle.asp?ID=10259|Marc Cooper's article} for a view of "the election as seen by the alert left."

It's a matter of opinion, as to how much more Disney-like, i.e. artificial hype, that Arnold's campaign efforts seem compared to those of other political candidates these days.

What does seem clear to me: Arnold has media savvy. So what? I don't look down on him for that. He will be judged by his results.  

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