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8 Oct 2003 @ 10:52, by Bruce Kodish

Labeling and labels,i.e., words, and the classifications and categories 'behind' them--as a human you cannot avoid these if you talk (and probably even when you don't talk).

But can you use labels with awareness that you do so?

Can you see, hear, touch, etc., beyond the labels? Can you notice the fuzzy edges around them?Éthe sometimes indistinct bordersÉthe exceptions and the qualifications? Can you notice what skirts the boundaries of your perhaps too 'solid' either-ors?

That seems key to me. Consciousness of labeling and carefulness in doing soÉwith the realization that each of us is likely to misinterpret and to be misinterpreted from time to timeÉperhaps sometimes a lot.

I speak for myself and to myself since I realize that I qualify as my most enchanted listener.

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8 Oct 2003 @ 12:10 by scotty : Yup !
We must not allow other people's limited perceptions to define us. --Virginia Satir

I try not to use labels - not for myself not for someone else either - I try not to be seen as white - or a woman - or even a gay woman - or a gay woman of a certain age - or as a stranger or even an immigrant - or !
I try to be seen as Chris quite simply - because I'm not one nor even all of the things that people percieve me to be - maybe I'm a wee bit of all of it and non of it at the same time - because maybe - the way people see me (for an instant or two at least ) can be a mirror of how I see myslef ?

I think I do use labels though - I think I do put things or people into categories - not because I'm scared of things unknown - but because I need some kind of reference to come back to!


23 Oct 2003 @ 11:57 by Mike Levine @ : Labels
Can I be aware of my abstraction process of labelling - well, yes - and I'm not sure how long I might be able to maintain that level of awareness.

When I become attentive to my meaning-making-process I often speak less, because I don't feel that certain about my experiences enough to categorise it into labels-of-meaning, and listen more.

For me that is the key...to listen more to myself and what others are saying first.


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