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 Max Black and Lobachevsky10 comments
category picture24 Feb 2006 @ 19:13
Idly checking in on the Mathematicians of the Day Website, I discovered that Max Black, who wrote one of the better critiques of Korzybski's work, had his birthday today, Feb. 24 in 1909.

Lobachevsky, one of the inventor/discoverers of non-euclidean geometry, also died on this date in 1856.

I salute them both.  More >

 Matzah Brie0 comments
picture1 May 2005 @ 19:49
Pesach (Passover) the festival of matzah and our freedom, is over tonight at about 8:30. Then we can again eat chametz (bread and other things with leavening).

One thing that this holiday reminds me about: that even the "bread of affliction" can be made tasty. When you're given a lemon, make lemonade. When you're given matzah, make Matzah Brie

Rabbi Ron has a nice little article on the joys of Pesach food and another recipe for Matzah Brie here  More >

 Yiddish With Dick and Jane0 comments
picture19 Feb 2005 @ 02:14
“Jane works in real estate." Today is Sunday.Jane has an Open House. She must schlep the Open House signs to the car."

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 Africans to Protest MASS MURDER in Sudan at UN Plaza on 9-122 comments
picture11 Sep 2004 @ 18:22
Author: Charles Jacobs


Africans to protest Jihad mass murder in Sudan at UN Plaza. Sept. 12.

Africans from Sudan,both Christian and Muslim, will gather at the UN Plaza at noon on Sunday, Sept. 12 to protest the slavery and slaughter of blacks by the Arab, Islamist regime in Khartoum. The genocide continues in Darfur, Western Sudan, where African Muslims are being murdered, disposed and abducted by Arab militia armed by the National Islamic Front regime.  More >