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 Snapple Factoid #73- "The average person..."1 comment
category picture12 Jun 2007 @ 22:20
"The average person spends 2 weeks over his/her lifetime waiting for a traffic light to change."  More >

 Snapple Factoid - "A Jellyfish..."1 comment
picture28 Dec 2006 @ 20:54
"A Jellyfish is 95% water."
(found inside the cap of a Rasberry Snapple)  More >

 Moment for Humility34 comments
category picture11 Jul 2006 @ 20:56
Provided by the inner lid of bottle of Snapple Iced Tea (Ahh, how refreshing):  More >

 Misplaced Thoughts0 comments
category picture19 Feb 2005 @ 01:14
The average person 'eats up' about a year of his/her life looking for things he/she's misplaced, according to the factoid quote inside the cap of the Snapple I drank awhile ago.

I say "about a year" because I'm paraphrasing the quote: I can't find where I left the Snapple cap.