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 Brain Rest1 comment
category picture2 Jul 2007 @ 16:11
You must give your brain a rest...  More >

 "Truth is the daughter..."0 comments
picture20 Dec 2006 @ 23:48
"In order that we may have some guarantee of arriving at the same opinion about an idea, the minimal requirement is that we should have had different opinions about it in the first place. If two men want to agree they really have to contradict one another first. Truth is the daughter of discussion, not of sympathy."

—— Gaston Bachelard, The Philosophy of No (1940), p. 114.
[Translation 1968 by G. C. Waterston]  More >

 The Chief Obstacle0 comments
category picture12 Nov 2006 @ 22:35
The chief obstacle to the progress of the human race, ...  More >

 Evolving Brains1 comment
picture13 Oct 2006 @ 21:20
From my friend John Allman's excellent book Evolving Brains

"...the price of being able to see the world accurately is the susceptibility to illusions."  More >

 I Support Danish Freedom of Speech!2 comments
picture5 Feb 2006 @ 05:20
From SupportDenmark.com:

"On the 30th of September 2005 the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten published 12 cartoons depicting the prophet Mohammed. Mohammedans raised a storm of protest and two artists went into hiding after receiving death threats. Islamic organisations demanded an apology from the Danish government and the incident turned into a world-wide diplomatic issue. The OIC (the Organisation of the Islamic Conference), the Council of Europe and the UN all criticised the government of Denmark for not taking measures against the newspaper Jyllands-Posten. The Danish prime minister Anders Fogh Rasmussen defended the freedom of the press and free speech and stated that any measures, if appropriate, could not be taken by the government but only by a court of law. Meanwhile in Islamic countries Danish flags are burned and Danish products are taken off the shelves. Several countries have withdrawn their ambassadors from Denmark and armed men attacked the office of the EU in the Gaza strip."

[Latest News: Syrian Rioters have torched the Danish Embassy in Damascus]

Denmark needs our support. Go to Support Denmark

You Can See The Cartoons Here  More >

 Courage0 comments
picture10 Jul 2005 @ 17:59
Courage as Plato defined it:  More >

 Epidemics2 comments
category picture30 Jun 2005 @ 19:59
Mary Everest Boole wrote the following thoughtful and thought-provoking piece on "Epidemics." It made up a small section of a chapter called "The Body of Humanity" in her book "Symbolical Methods of Study" published in England in 1884:

"Epidemic disease appears at first sight a dividing power, a source of selfishness; and, in detail, so it practically is. We do, we must, keep ourselves and our children out of the way of needless infection. Yet Mr. Maurice [a British preacher] has remarked that pestilence is a witness to and revealer of the Unity of Humanity; for infection, bred among the neglected, ill-housed poor, invades the homes of the rich and forces them to remember the bond that binds all classes together, and to own that the truest safety lies not in selfish self-protection from infection."  More >

 Karol Wojtyla-Pope John Paul II6 comments
category picture7 Apr 2005 @ 18:55
The world seems to me a far better place because Karol Wojtyla lived in it.  More >

 I Wonder...3 comments
picture3 Apr 2005 @ 01:54
Is this the shortcut to heaven?  More >

 More On Socialist Folly0 comments
category picture7 Oct 2003 @ 17:32
Fundamentalist egalitarians tend to reflexively assume that differences in the socio-economic standing of individuals or groups must always be due to oppression of the 'have-nots' by the 'haves'.  More >