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 'Where The Nazi 'Big Lie' Endures0 comments
category picture1 May 2007 @ 20:51
[For some of today's anti-Zionists who might be willing to question their pet notion that Palestinian Jews (Israelis) are among the world's most terrible oppressors. Where do you think your ideas come from? Daniel Pipes will tell you. --B.I.K.]

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Where the Nazi "Big Lie" Endures

by Daniel Pipes
New York Sun
May 1, 2007

[Title and text modified from NY Sun version]

"If today's Arab anti-Israeli and anti-Jewish propaganda strongly resembles that of the Third Reich, there is a good reason." So writes Joel Fishman of the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs in "The Big Lie and the Media War against Israel," an insightful piece of historical research.

Fishman begins by noting the topsy-turvy situation whereby Israel is perceived as a dangerous predator as it defends its citizens against terrorism, conventional warfare, and weapons of mass destruction. A 2003 survey, for instance, found Europeans seeing Israel as "the greatest threat" to world peace. How did this insane inversion of reality – the Middle East's only fully free and democratic country seen as the leading global menace – come to be?  More >

 Ray Charles--Zionist5 comments
picture18 Jun 2004 @ 17:07
Since he died last week, I've found myself humming his tunes.

Then I found out something that makes my memory of him even sweeter.

Ray Charles was a zionist.  More >

 Jimmy Carter and Middle East Peace2 comments
category picture2 Dec 2003 @ 16:53
Today's New York Times (print edition) carries a story about the virtual 'peace' agreement signed by Israeli leftists and Palestinians in Geneva, Switzerland.

The signing was attended by many of the 'usual suspects' including former U.S. president Jimmy Carter, who in an interview "criticized both leaders in the region for not moving forward to make peace and the Bush administration for what he called its 'bias' toward Israel. He speculated that history might have been different if he had been re-elected president in 1980."  More >

 The 'Liberal ' Betrayal of Jews28 comments
category picture14 Nov 2003 @ 10:28
For those puzzled by George Soros' recent remarks blaming the Jews for the huge upsurge of worldwide--especially European and Arab-Islamic--antisemitism (Jew-hate), Ruth Wisse has written a clear and (to me) very likely analysis of what drives Soros and others like him in her book If I Am Not For Myself: The Liberal Betrayal of the Jews:

". . .in the absence of deeply held religious faith, liberalism became synonymous with an optimistic outlook on life, and many of those adherents--including many Jews--would sooner have sacrificed their lives than their optimism. The choice was even simpler when the lives to be sacrificed were not their own.  More >