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 "My Good Friend Saddam..."0 comments
category picture23 Dec 2003 @ 13:02
"I have for Saddam Hussein a limitless admiration and gratitude."--Yasser Arafat

For more on the time-honored leadership techniques of the Butcher of Tikrit (admittedly an extreme case), Yasser Arafat , and others see Saddam's Defense Speech by Barry Rubin

 Democracy in Saudi Arabia?0 comments
category picture28 Nov 2003 @ 15:23
Mansour Al-Nougaidan, a Saudi Arabian journalist writes in today's New York Times about the dangers of Wahabism and the terrorist culture it has spawned in his country. He has been sentenced to receive 75 lashes for such dangerous talk but he's still writing. Yes, the Muslim world is thawing. And that's something to feel thankful for.