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 Guest Commentary:"Free the 400 Million" by Shmuley Boteach0 comments
category picture21 Nov 2003 @ 16:59
An excerpt from a recent commentary by Rabbi Shmuley Boteach:

"Fighting for liberty brings out the best in Jews. When I arrived at Oxford University as rabbi in 1988, Jewish students were energized by the struggle to liberate Soviet Jewry. But after the crumbling of the Iron Curtain, the grand cause was lost, and along with it, the commitment of some of the most uninvolved students. I believe that world Jewry should now inaugurate a global movement to liberate our Arab brethren from the same tyranny that Soviet Jews once suffered.

In the same way that Jews were instrumental in creating the NAACP to help unfetter our Black brethren at the turn of the century, we must now create organizations that bring the incarceration of Arab peoples to the world's attention.

In the words of my friend David Suissa who coined the phrase, we should launch a campaign to "free the 400 million" who live under brutal dictatorship. In the same way that Jews marched on world capitals to protest the oppression of Soviet Jewry, we should campaign around the world to protest the persecution of subject Arab peoples. "  More >

 Israel's Security Fence1 comment
picture13 Oct 2003 @ 16:54
Political analyst Barry Rubin writes that, "... like everything about the Israel-Palestinian conflict, the fence issue has become wrapped in misperceptions and outright lies."  More >

 Guest Commentary: Say What? Anti-Semites? by Steven Plaut11 comments
picture30 Sep 2003 @ 10:33
Say What? Anti-Semites? Who, us anti-Zionists? US? We have nothing against Jews as such. We just hate Zionism and Zionists. We think Israel does not have a right to exist. But that does not mean we have anything against Jews as such. Heavens to Mergatroyd. Marx Forbid. We are humanists. Progressives. Peace lovers.

Anti-Semitism is the hatred of Jews. Anti-Zionism is opposition to Zionism and Israeli policies. The two have nothing to do with one another. Venus and Mars. Night and Day. Trust us.  More >