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 "If I Were A Homicide Bomber You'd Be Dead Right Now."2 comments
picture1 Feb 2004 @ 21:25
Cheers for the College Republicans of the University of Texas who are selling some unique T-shirts in support of the war against Islamist terrorism.

Bryan Pravda, Executive Director of Public Relations of the student group said, "We are wearing these shirts in classrooms,on buses, and in local coffee shops. The aim of the message is for people to appreciate the freedom in which they are living."  More >

 Geneva...Shmeneva!5 comments
category picture5 Dec 2003 @ 11:31
The Geneva virtual 'peace' paper between a group of Israeli leftists and some of Yasir Arafat's colleagues may have some people confused about who these individuals, in particular the Israelis, represent.

The Geneva paper's Israeli promoters (Beilin, Burg, Mitzna, etc.) are left-wing politicians rejected by Israeli voters. They represent a minority viewpoint of a part of the Israeli left. However, backed by the European Union, the Swiss government and private Swiss 'moneybags' , these individuals are presenting themselves as legitimate representatives of Israeli sentiment while they provide cover for further Arab propaganda against Israel  More >

 Reading Lolita in Tehran0 comments
category picture5 Aug 2003 @ 09:21
"The streets of Tehran and other Iranian cities are patrolled by militia, who ride in white Toyota patrols, four gun-carrying men and women, sometimes followed by a minibus. They are called the Blood of God. They patrol the streets to make sure that women like Sanaz wear their veils properly, do not wear makeup, do not walk in public with men who are not their fathers, brothers,
or husbands" --Azar Nafisi, in Reading Lolita in Tehran  More >