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 "We Will Survive"1 comment
picture3 Dec 2007 @ 05:39
Sixty years ago the U.N. General Assembly ratified a plan to partition what was left of Palestine and establish a Palestinian Jewish state and another Palestinian Arab state. (In 1922, the British had already given to Arabs 80% of the region of Palestine, the land mandated for a Jewish Homeland by the League of Nations after WW I. This is now the state of Jordan.) The Jews accepted the 1947 U.N. decision. The Arabs overwhelmingly rejected it. The Jews of Palestine have been battling for their existence ever since. (They had already been battling for some time.)

In honor of Jewish survival, here is Jordan Chaviv's song, "We Will Survive."

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 Passover Perspective from an Israeli1 comment
category picture12 Apr 2004 @ 12:24
An inspiring message (to me) from an Israeli writer, sent to me by a friend:

I am not the least afraid to go any place, By bus or to a mall.

I didn't change or stop doing anything I used to do before this mess began!

People tend to forget that twice the casualties From terror get killed on the roads!

More people still die From heart attack, cancer, And other things, They just don't show them on TV.

Don't misunderstand me, There is a war going on, It's not pleasant, But, lets face it:


 Agreement4 comments
category picture16 Mar 2004 @ 20:41
"The meaning constructed by the receiver of the text is the same in all details and implications as that constructed by the sender only if the two have identical cognitive systems--that is, never."
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 Garden Haiku0 comments
category picture8 Aug 2003 @ 20:42
The boundary between
speech and silence: looking, see
purple flower bend.

 Emerson On Blogging To Purpose4 comments
category picture1 Aug 2003 @ 10:33
"All writing should be selection in order to drop every dead word. Why do you not save out of your speech or thinking only the vital things—the spirited mot which amused or warmed you when you spoke it—because of its luck & newness........"  More >