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 History's Tragic Farce84 comments
category picture24 Jan 2009 @ 00:36
Here we go again, George Mitchell has been appointed by President Obama to aggressively pursue a peace agreement between Israel and its enemies. So far it looks like Obama's going down the same road that his predecessors have gone down, and gone down on. Results are predictable. Sigh! Caroline Glick writes:

"It is a fundamental truth that while history always repeats itself, it
almost never repeats itself precisely. There is always some measure of
newness to events that allows otherwise intelligent people to repeat the
mistakes of their forbearers without looking completely ridiculous."

"Given this, it is hard to believe that with the advent of the Obama
administration, we are seeing history repeat itself with nearly unheard
of precision."

History's Tragic Farce  More >

 Sowell On Our New President10 comments
category picture22 Jan 2009 @ 19:56
Regular readers of Thomas Sowell's columns and other writings don't need to be told that nigh everything he writes is worth reading. Here is Sowell on the ascendance of President Obama.

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 The Bush Legacy8 comments
category picture20 Jan 2009 @ 02:53
Moonbats will dismiss what Thomas Sowell has to say on The Bush Legacy If you think it will upset you perhaps you had better not read it.

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 Israel' Response Is Disproportionate!4 comments
category picture4 Jan 2009 @ 19:56
I fully agree with Jonathan Marks when he writes:
"A war (and Hamas has repeatedly said this is war) is never won if you are disproportionately kind to someone who wants to destroy you and, failing in that, demands with indignation that you not destroy him."

Israel's Response Is Disproportionate  More >

 I'm Goin' To New York...3 comments
category picture13 Nov 2008 @ 04:09
I seem to remember a Jimmy Reed tune with that title.

But I'm indeed goin' to New York. Read all about it here  More >

 "A letter to the president-elect from a Middle East realist" by Barry Rubin54 comments
category picture10 Nov 2008 @ 17:33
Rubin writes: "Today, everyone's talking about how wonderful you are.

Right now you don't understand why Bill Clinton and George Bush couldn't solve a little thing like the Arab-Israeli conflict, defuse the massive hatred of America in the Middle East, end terrorism or turn radical Islamism into an ideology of peace."

Don't worry. You will."

[I hope Obama reads this. I'd like him to succeed. BIK]

A letter to the president-elect from a Middle East realist  More >

 Running against Bush by Caroline B. Glick4 comments
category picture31 Oct 2008 @ 18:02
I consider Caroline Glick one of the sharpest political commentators around. Here's her latest take on the U.S. Presidential Election. She contends that the American media's pro-Obama bias partly results from their misrepresentation of outgoing President George W. Bush's record in office. That misrepresentation cannot be ascribed merely to the leftist sympathies of the media. For the media are not the source of that misrepresentation. Bush himself is the source of that misrepresentation. Brilliant.

'Reality' Check  More >

 Yom Kippur Greetings46 comments
category picture8 Oct 2008 @ 19:18
On the eve of Yom Kippur, the Jewish day of repentence, tradition has it that a person should ask for a piece of lekach, sweet cake, from a parent, teacher, friend, etc. so as as to receive sweetness in the year to come.

My cyber-lekach doesn't have any calories, and you may ask for it now by clicking here.

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 One Reason That I'm Voting For McCain9 comments
category picture6 Oct 2008 @ 22:10
Well, the election for POTUS is only a few weeks away so I've decided to come out of cyber-hibernation (after a number of months of inactivity on this blog) to feature the video below.

I have many friends and family who are voting for Obama. I hope they will watch this, check out the information and tell me where it misses the boat on the economic crisis and how Obama's and the Democrat's policies are going to get us out of it and prevent this kind of boondoggle from happening again.

I was once a big government 'liberal' who became a free-market 'liberal'. But I'm willing to learn and change because I have learned and changed. Tell me why Obama knows better.
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 Happy Birthday, Israel! 5 comments
picture7 May 2008 @ 22:51
"Birthing pains"

"Arieh Handler participated in Israel's birth on two separate occasions.
The lesser event, in his view, was on May 14, 1948, when he was among some
200 persons invited to the Tel Aviv hall where David Ben-Gurion proclaimed
the establishment of the state. Handler, 93 this month, is believed to be
the only one of those present still alive.

"The other occasion took place a month earlier in the auditorium of a
girls' school on Tel Aviv's Rehov Frug. The Va'ad Hapoel Hatzioni, the
parliament of the world Zionist movement, met there for six days to weigh
the imminent departure of the British and the prospect of all-out war.
Handler, a delegate of the religious Hapoel Hamizrahi movement, recalled
in a recent interview the electric atmosphere at that April meeting as the
participants took their places in the small hall, delegates grouped at
separate tables according to party. At the front, facing them, sat
Ben-Gurion and other leaders of the Labor movement, including Golda
Myerson (Meir) and Moshe Shertok (Sharett).

Fighting with Palestinian Arabs was already raging around the country,
Jerusalem was surrounded, and several Arab armies were preparing to invade
in a month on the heels of the departing British. Topping the meeting's
agenda, however, was a political issue - the startling shift in the
position of Washington toward Israel's establishment. President Harry
Truman's approval half a year before of the UN partition proposal, and
America's pressure on other countries to do likewise, had been major
landmarks in the march toward a Jewish state. However, strong objections
from the State Department and American defense officials had brought
second thoughts.  More >

 Anti-Zionism at 602 comments
picture6 May 2008 @ 17:09
Anti-Zionism at 60
By Caroline B. Glick

Israel's 60th Independence Day is an excuse for the international media
to weigh in on the state of the Jewish state. Given the anti-Israel bias
of most of the international media, not surprisingly, most of the
reports reveal less about Israel's status at 60 than they reveal about
how anti-Zionists perceive Israel at 60.

Here, the author deconstructs the thesis of two cover stories in
prominent publications: Anti-Zionism at 60  More >

 Geert Wilder's Fitna7 comments
category picture31 Mar 2008 @ 22:38
Dutch parliamentarian Geert Wilder put together a montage about the threat of radical Islam to Non-Muslims and those Muslims—wherever they are—who aren't interested in subjugating Non-Muslims. Simple facts speak loudly. The cowardly powers that be at Network Solutions got frightened and denied Wilders a website for showing the film. Another site, LiveLeak was forced to stop showing it after the company received death threats. YouTube however has not given in to Islamo-fascist threats. Kudos to YouTube. Here's the film:
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 Islam for Kids2 comments
category picture30 Mar 2008 @ 23:54
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 The Arab/Israeli Conflict Debate by Cinnamon Stillwell1 comment
category picture11 Mar 2008 @ 17:20
[The following article by Cinnamon Stillwell summarizes the problem that lovers of Israel confront. The world has been breathing in an atmosphere of lies about the Jews for a very long time. Most Arab/Muslims don't seem to realize that they are harming themselves as well as the Jews they so hate. So-called 'progressives' have become the willing dupes of the most regressive doctrines and their promoters. The truth will triumph?---how long will it take? - B.I.K ]

The Arab/Israeli Conflict Debate
by Cinnamon Stillwell
March 10, 2008

A Santa Clara University course optimistically titled, "The Peaceful Settlement of International Disputes," was the setting for a February 26 academic debate on one of the world's most intractable disputes: The Arab/Israeli conflict.  More >

 Tom Lantos, R.I.P.1 comment
picture13 Feb 2008 @ 04:58
A decent, courageous member of the House of Representatives has died.

A Democrat that an ex-Democrat like me could respect and admire. We need more people like him in Congress.

Tom Lantos, R.I.P.  More >

 A Review of "Jihad and Jew Hatred" 1 comment
picture12 Dec 2007 @ 00:39
The book by Matthias Kuentzel is subtitled "Islamism, Nazism and the Roots of 9/11"

Those 'progressives'
who want to get their heads out of the sand
could begin by reading this Review of Jihad and Jew Hatred  More >

 Condaleeza Rice and George Bush Enable Arab Racism4 comments
category picture3 Dec 2007 @ 20:09
Just like the 'progressives' who abhor them. How ironic.

The best criticism of the Bush administration is now coming from 'conservatives':

See David Horowitz's Blog comments on
Condoleeza Rice's disgraceful, segregated conference

Also Richard Lande's discussion of Humiliation and Apartheid: On how NOT to make Peace

Both writers are commenting on an article by Caroline Glick on Rice's and Bush's acceptance and enabling of Arab racism against Jews.

No one can accuse me of Bush Derangement Syndrome. But I am truly feeling disgusted.  More >

 A Prediction - Olmert 'Finished' as Israeli PM11 comments
category picture16 Nov 2007 @ 17:56
Auctioning Jerusalem Foretells Israeli PM's Demise

[My question: What damage will he manage to do to the people of Israel before he leaves office? — BIK]

by Jonathan Schanzer and Asaf Romirowsky
The American Thinker
November 13, 2007

This item is available on the Jewish Policy Center website, at [link]

"Peace is achieved through concessions. We all know that," said embattled Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert to crowd of businessmen last week, implying that parts of Jerusalem could be offered to the Palestinians in exchange for peace.

This is not the first time Olmert indicated that he was willing to split up Israel's capital. Last month, he publicly pondered whether it was really "necessary to also add the Shuafat refugee camp, Sawakra, Walaje and other villages and define them as part of Jerusalem."
Drawing from the history of other desperate Israeli prime ministers who have put Israel up on the auction block, Olmert's time in office is probably near its end.  More >

 Attacks By Islamic Terrorists and Militants Since 9/11 Soon To Reach 10,000 1 comment
picture15 Nov 2007 @ 18:19
Responsible for approximately 60,000 dead and 90,000 injured.  More >

 Lucky Dube — His Memory Be Blessed!55 comments
picture26 Oct 2007 @ 03:52
The South African Reggae singer Lucky Dube is gone. Shot in a carjacking in his homeland. What a tragedy.

A great artist—he made uplifting music that celebrated Oneness. His death leaves a hole in the world.  More >

 "Dear Mr. Bush, Please Take Your Head Out of Your Tush!"1 comment
category picture11 Oct 2007 @ 01:22
Tamar Yonah of Israel National Radio (where you can find some of the most incisive and biting criticism of Israeli Government Policies and the U.S. Foreign Policy) has written a fine article which pretty much presents my view on George W. [Wimpy?] Bush's and Condoleeza Rice's Arab appeasement policy.

See "Dear Mr. Bush, Please Take Your Head Out of Your Tush!"  More >

 Happy Birthday, Alfred Korzybski!2 comments
picture3 Jul 2007 @ 04:50
Alfred Korzybski was born in Warsaw, Poland (then part of the Czarist Russian Empire) on July 3, 1879. I am currently in the process of writing the first full-length biography of the man. Here is a link to a short biography of Korzybski that my wife Susan and I wrote for our book Drive Yourself Sane

I described his work, confusedly (to some) called "general semantics" in the 2004 edition of the General Semantics Bulletin, #71:

The Scientific Philosophy of General Semantics
General Semantics (GS) qualifies as an unusual, tough- to-‘pin down’, interdisciplinary field. “Is it a science or
a philosophy?” Perhaps GS may best be seen as neither ‘science’ nor ‘philosophy’ but rather as both/and––a scientific philosophy applicable moreover to the life concerns of ‘the man and woman in the street’.

In the scientific realm, GS has elements which bring it within the larger field of the behavioral/social sciences.
Here, the main accomplishment of Alfred Korzybski, the original formulator of GS, was theoretical: his integrative theory of human evaluation based on knowledge from a variety of fields. Formulated as a foundation for a new interdisciplinary science of humanity, GS suggests methodological guidelines for all (yes, all) areas of inquiry and has substantive implications for ongoing research on neuro-evaluative, neuro-linguistic factors in human behavior.  More >

 Three Wrongs5 comments
category picture8 Jun 2007 @ 03:57
The inimitable David Naggar goes to the heart of the serious confusion that guides U.S. State Department thinking about the Middle East:

“The Palestinian issue "is at the core of a lot of problems in the region," Rice said. She said, "There is no substitute for trying to get to the place where the Palestinians finally have their state and the Israelis finally have a neighbor who can live in peace and security with them."

The "Israeli-Palestinian track is extremely important" because it "unlocks the key" to "further engagement between the Arabs and the Israelis," Rice said.” By Jpost.com staff, the Jerusalem Post 5.30/07

* * *

"Sadly, Dr. Rice is flat out wrong—three times."

Pursuing Three Wrongs Won't Bring Peace  More >

 Jerusalem Day1 comment
picture16 May 2007 @ 15:59
Today marks the 40th anniversary of the reunification of Jerusalem under the sovreignty of the democratic, Jewish state.  More >

 Mickey-Mouse Character on Hamas TV Teaches Children about Islamic Rule of World9 comments
picture10 May 2007 @ 03:20
Host Saraa, a young girl: Sanabel, what will you do for the sake of the Al-Aqsa Mosque? How will you sacrifice your soul for the sake of Al-Aqsa? What will you do?

Sanabel, young girl on phone: I will shoot.

Farfour, a Mickey Mouse character in a tuxedo: Sanabel, what should we do if we want to liberate...

Sanable: We want to fight.

Farfour: We got that. What else?

Saraa: We want to...  More >

 "Slain Israeli Professor Saved Others in Va. Tech Massacre"4 comments
picture17 Apr 2007 @ 17:00
Slain Israeli Professor Saved Others in Va. Tech Massacre
by Gil Ronen from Israel National News Service

"As Israel observed Holocaust Day, thousands of miles away, A Rumanian-born Holocaust survivor gave his life in another senseless murder - and apparently in an act of heroism."  More >

 Women's Rights at the UN: Israel as the Only Violator—NOT!1 comment
category picture6 Apr 2007 @ 16:32
[ Demonization , Double Standards, Deligitimization of Israel = Antisemitism. Tolerance for this makes the UN a sick, sorry joke. --B.I.K.]

"Women's Rights at the UN: Israel as the Only Violator
by Anne Bayefsky

"Last Friday, March 9, 2007 the UN wrapped up its annual session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Guess where they found a violation of women's rights? Among the hundreds of thousands of women who are dead, dying, mutilated, displaced or raped in Sudan? Among the million female migrant workers cowering in the basements of Saudi Arabian villas from the taskmasters who stole their passports the minute they got off the plane? Among the women stoned and hanged for "adultery" in Iran? The millions of women forcibly aborted in China? The thousands murdered or forced to commit suicide for the crime of "dishonoring" their fathers and brothers across the Arab and Muslim world?  More >

 Rest In Peace, Robert Anton Wilson.5 comments
picture11 Jan 2007 @ 22:21
My friend, Bob Wilson, who sometimes referred to himself as Doc (for " Damned Old Crank") died early this morning, according to accounts I have found on the internet, that seem quite reliable. (He had written about the consequences for him of previous news reports of his death in his book Cosmic Trigger III --one of my favorite works by him.) He apparently went the way he wanted to go, at home surrounded by friends and family.

A wonderful writer. A damned and damn great writer. Not appreciated by the mainstream media in the way that he deserved.  More >

 ´Ceasefire´ in Gaza: Terrorists Fire Five Kassams0 comments
picture26 Nov 2006 @ 18:42
The Israeli-Palestinian Authority ceasefire came into effect at 6 AM, and Palestinian terrorists have fired no fewer than five Kassam rockets since then.

'Ceasefire'  More >

 "Rockets, Shells, and Threats" 1 comment
picture10 Nov 2006 @ 23:48
Elliot Chodoff of MidEast ON TARGET writes:
"No sovereign state in the world would sit by quietly as rockets rained down on its cities, violating its sovereignty and endangering its citizens. Only Israel is condemned for it."  More >

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