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 Morris (Mashe) Kodish (Oct. 21, 1910-Oct. 12, 2004)11 comments
picture12 Oct 2004 @ 22:40
On September 26 I went to Pittsburgh, PA for a week to spend some time with my father who lived by himself in a small condo apartment. He was doing okay. We had a nice visit hanging out together. We ate out (Dad drove wherever we went), he did some cooking, we drank some wine, talked politics (he didn't like Bush and was voting for Kerry)and other things, watched T.V., etc. Dad drove me to the airport in the afternoon and I got back to my home in Pasadena, CA. late on Sun. Oct. 3.

Dad had been having some pain in his back and side the last couple of days and feeling weak. Didn't sleep well, Fri. night. Bad news given that he had a large thoracic aneurysm that had, according to a recent CT scan, gotten bigger.(I had spent about 3 months in Pittsburgh earlier this year helping him recover from an earlier bout with this--which almost killed him.) But he had recovered and was independent again, albeit with "no energy" and "feeling pooped" most of the time.  More >

 Explanation for My Silence11 comments
category picture5 Mar 2004 @ 09:32
Wednesday, Feb. 18, I called my 93 year old father, Mashe Kodish, as I normally do every other day. Dad lives by himself in Pittsburgh, across the continent from my home in California. Dad sounded terrible and had a severe pain on his left side. I called a neighbor who rushed over to his apartment and got him to a nearby hospital. The next day I arrived in Pittsburgh and have been here since along with my sister who came in from her home in Dallas  More >

 The Pussycat Chronicles: Ketsele Joins Avivi1 comment
picture14 Sep 2003 @ 16:38
Avivi has now been joined by her mother, a black beauty who we call Ketsele (pronounced Keht-zel-leh), Yiddish for pussy cat. Our friend Maura let us try out Ketsele , to see how things would be with Avivi, for a couple of days while Maura was away. After a few days of warily circling around each other, with a fair amount of hissing on Avivi's part, they now seem like the best of buddies. Ketsele is home.  More >

 The Tree Ripper1 comment
category picture10 Aug 2003 @ 11:14
Orlando, Florida—June, 2, 2000
In town for a McKenzie Institute conference on spinal therapy, I take an early afternoon walk outside my hotel. I sweat along International Drive about 3/4 of a mile up to where the sidewalk ends. Across the highway, I see something I’ve never seen before—a huge earthmover, a multi-jointed, tree-ripping tractor working the edge of a forested patch of Central Florida woodland.  More >

 Avivi Kodish9 comments
picture1 Aug 2003 @ 09:44
Our new kitten, Avivi (pronounced "uh-vee-vee"). Her name, a Hebrew word, signifies "springlike" or "dewy."

She springs and bounces like Pepe Lepeuw and already seems like a formidable leaper and jumper. What energy! For a 2 1/2 pound ball of fur she sure can make a loud meow and put up a vicious fight when we try to clip her nails. No declawing for her—but we do want to do what we can to save our furniture!  More >