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2009-01-24: History's Tragic Farce
2009-01-22: Sowell On Our New President
2009-01-20: The Bush Legacy
2009-01-04: Israel' Response Is Disproportionate!
2008-11-13: I'm Goin' To New York...
2008-11-10: "A letter to the president-elect from a Middle East realist" by Barry Rubin
2008-10-31: Running against Bush by Caroline B. Glick
2008-10-08: Yom Kippur Greetings
2008-10-06: One Reason That I'm Voting For McCain
2008-05-07: Happy Birthday, Israel!
2008-05-06: Anti-Zionism at 60
2008-03-31: Geert Wilder's Fitna
2008-03-30: Islam for Kids
2008-03-11: The Arab/Israeli Conflict Debate by Cinnamon Stillwell
2008-02-13: Tom Lantos, R.I.P.
2007-12-12: A Review of "Jihad and Jew Hatred"
2007-12-03: Condaleeza Rice and George Bush Enable Arab Racism
2007-12-03: "We Will Survive"
2007-12-01: Mohammed's Radio
2007-11-22: Annapolis, Shmannapolis!
2007-11-16: A Prediction - Olmert 'Finished' as Israeli PM
2007-11-15: Attacks By Islamic Terrorists and Militants Since 9/11 Soon To Reach 10,000
2007-10-26: Lucky Dube — His Memory Be Blessed!
2007-10-11: "Dear Mr. Bush, Please Take Your Head Out of Your Tush!"
2007-07-03: Happy Birthday, Alfred Korzybski!
2007-07-02: Brain Rest
2007-06-19: National Lampoon's 72 Virgins
2007-06-12: Snapple Factoid #73- "The average person..."
2007-06-08: Three Wrongs
2007-05-16: Jerusalem Day
2007-05-10: Mickey-Mouse Character on Hamas TV Teaches Children about Islamic Rule of World
2007-05-09: "Coals of Fire–From The Altar Of The Unknown Good" by Mary Everest Boole
2007-05-01: 'Where The Nazi 'Big Lie' Endures
2007-04-17: "Slain Israeli Professor Saved Others in Va. Tech Massacre"
2007-04-06: Women's Rights at the UN: Israel as the Only Violator—NOT!
2007-01-11: Rest In Peace, Robert Anton Wilson.
2006-12-28: Snapple Factoid - "A Jellyfish..."
2006-12-20: "Truth is the daughter..."
2006-11-26: ´Ceasefire´ in Gaza: Terrorists Fire Five Kassams
2006-11-12: The Chief Obstacle
2006-11-10: "Rockets, Shells, and Threats"
2006-10-25: "In Iraq, Stay the Course - but Change It" by Daniel Pipes
2006-10-13: Evolving Brains
2006-09-20: Calculus Meditation
2006-09-11: The Arab & Iranian Reaction to 9/11 - 5 Years Later
2006-08-31: "Terrorist Theater Tricks"
2006-08-24: Amnesty For Hezbollah War Crimes
2006-08-20: Do It Yourself Jackson-Pollocking
2006-08-18: Existence of G-d
2006-08-14: "Pan-Islamism Challenges Idea of Nation State "
2006-08-04: Medieval Book of Psalms Unearthed
2006-08-04: Hezbolla-Coming Soon To Your Hometown
2006-08-04: More on Hezbolla War Crimes
2006-08-04: Hezbolla's War Crimes
2006-08-03: Lebanon: Myths and Facts (The Video)
2006-08-01: Support An Israeli Soldier
2006-07-31: Lebanon: Myths and Facts (Part II)
2006-07-31: Lebanon: Myths and Facts (Part I)
2006-07-21: "The dangerous fantasy of peaceful Arab intent"
2006-07-13: Here's to the 'Neighborhood Bully'!
2006-07-11: Moment for Humility
2006-06-15: Loving Advice To My Arab Relatives by Elan Neev
2006-06-12: Hurray For Pallywood
2006-06-07: Next Steps in Arab-Israeli Peacemaking by Zalman Shoval
2006-06-06: The Path To Our Destruction
2006-05-15: What Israel Must Do
2006-05-03: Israel Independence Day-2006
2006-05-02: "They've Got To Be Carefully Taught"
2006-04-28: The Augean Stables
2006-04-25: Some Things to Remember on Holocaust Memorial Day
2006-04-10: Esther Pollard: Bush is Willing to Free Pollard This Week
2006-04-02: Pipes Calls War A Success
2006-03-22: Hamas Must Be Stopped
2006-03-21: Singing Kumbaya With Jihadists
2006-03-15: "On the death of Milosevic"
2006-03-13: Rabbis From Chelm
2006-03-01: The Boundary Between...
2006-02-24: Max Black and Lobachevsky
2006-02-12: Nonie Darwish on Arab-Muslim Culture of Hate
2006-02-10: How The Cartoon Jihad Started
2006-02-10: 'Everyone Is Afraid to Criticize Islam'
2006-02-05: I Support Danish Freedom of Speech!
2006-02-04: The Dynamics of Insult
2006-02-03: Humanizing Jew-Killers
2006-02-03: Me, Wind-Like At This Date? HMMM?
2006-01-30: Hamas
2006-01-08: Ariel Sharon's Last Interview Before Stroke
2005-12-21: Disengagement Was A Disaster
2005-11-23: Rotten Inside
2005-10-20: Secrets of Terror
2005-10-07: Big Lies
2005-09-26: It's The Palestinian Authority, Stupid! By Yoram Ettinger
2005-08-31: If You Wish To Begin Life At Forty...
2005-08-30: Why has George W. Bush gone wobbly about rewarding Palestinian terrorism?
2005-08-22: What Does 'Palestinian Liberation' Mean?
2005-08-19: I Read The News Today....Oh, Boy...
2005-08-18: Peace or Fire?
2005-08-09: Coping With Adult Conflict in Gaza Can Be Child's Play
2005-07-25: A Case of Sickening Hypocrisy
2005-07-17: The Nazi Roots of Political Islam by Caroline Glick
2005-07-15: Jewish "Self-Hatred"
2005-07-15: Thomas Friedman's Got A Bug Up His A** About Israeli Settlers
2005-07-10: Courage
2005-07-04: What Makes America Great?
2005-06-30: Epidemics
2005-06-06: A Letter to the World from Jerusalem
2005-05-24: "Language As A Tool Against Jews And Israel"
2005-05-12: Yom Ha'Atzmaut Sameach!
2005-05-11: Day of Remembrance
2005-05-05: Denying the Holocaust By Elliot Chodoff
2005-05-01: Matzah Brie
2005-04-22: Pesach Wishes
2005-04-18: John Fred Is Dead
2005-04-07: Karol Wojtyla-Pope John Paul II
2005-04-03: I Wonder...
2005-03-17: A Palestinian State Will Not Bring Peace
2005-03-09: Free Lebanon?
2005-02-26: Killing A Nation
2005-02-25: The 'Disengagement'
2005-02-24: Settlers...Now Think About This, Long And Hard by Gerald A. Honigman
2005-02-19: Yiddish With Dick and Jane
2005-02-19: Misplaced Thoughts
2005-02-16: Jew-Hatred Evolves
2005-01-26: Remembering the Liberation of Auschwitz
2005-01-23: Appeasement...Uhh, I Mean Peace Now
2005-01-20: "Kill The Jews, Kill Them All"--The Wannsee Conference
2005-01-16: More on Arafat Lite
2005-01-02: Abu Mazen--Arafat Lite
2004-12-29: Why No Peace in The Middle East?
2004-11-28: November 29, 2004: Anniversary of the UN vote on Resolution 181
2004-11-16: Jimmy Carter -- Terrorist Brown-Noser
2004-11-11: The Lying, Murdering Godfather of Modern Terrorism is Dead
2004-11-01: Who Will Become The Next President?
2004-10-12: Morris (Mashe) Kodish (Oct. 21, 1910-Oct. 12, 2004)
2004-09-30: Unholy Alliance: Radical Islam and the American Left
2004-09-13: "War Is Not The Answer"
2004-09-11: Africans to Protest MASS MURDER in Sudan at UN Plaza on 9-12
2004-09-09: Blood, Severed Heads, Scorched Bodies, and the Abduction and Murder of Children
2004-09-04: Democrats For Bush By Thomas Sowell
2004-09-02: Celebrating Murder
2004-08-30: The Long Knives Are Out By Emanuel Winston
2004-08-27: Kerry's Anti-War Record
2004-08-22: Why John Kerry Will Lose the Election--A Prediction
2004-08-19: Czeslaw Milosz, dead at 93
2004-08-18: The Logic of Jihad
2004-08-13: HBO's Documentary "Death In Gaza"--A Review
2004-08-12: Race Against Lies
2004-08-02: 'Justice' in Arafat's Dictatorship
2004-07-25: "The Bloody Borders of Islam"
2004-07-22: The EU Abdicates its Role as Peace Maker By Yisrael Ne’eman
2004-07-21: The U. N. (Undeserving Nincumpoops)
2004-07-20: Buckminster Fuller Stamp
2004-07-10: The Building of the Israeli Fence
2004-07-03: Safe Driving This July 4th
2004-07-01: The Road to Iraqi Democracy
2004-06-30: A Philosophical Deadend
2004-06-28: My Life
2004-06-18: Ray Charles--Zionist
2004-06-14: Welcome to the Land of Blah-Blah, Tra-Tra
2004-06-12: The Soviet Demise--Reagan's Role
2004-06-08: Confessions of a Former Reagan Basher
2004-06-03: A Brave Muslim Scholar
2004-05-22: Islamism (Political Islam) = Cultural Sewer
2004-05-19: There Go Those Damned Israelis Again--Trying To Defend Themselves
2004-05-03: Facing Islamofascist Aggression
2004-04-30: Big Bang Befuddlement
2004-04-26: Remembering Israel's Fallen
2004-04-18: Holocaust Remembrance Day
2004-04-12: Passover Perspective from an Israeli
2004-04-03: A Presidential Platform I Like
2004-03-16: Agreement
2004-03-05: Explanation for My Silence
2004-02-10: Healing A Bad Back--An Effort in Painful Futility?
2004-02-06: What 'Is' The True Islam?
2004-02-05: Thomas Friedman's Fixed Ideas
2004-02-04: Arafat - "The Scourge of the Middle East"
2004-02-01: "If I Were A Homicide Bomber You'd Be Dead Right Now."
2004-01-30: The Language War
2004-01-30: Fighting A Culture of Death
2004-01-29: A War Puzzle
2004-01-22: F*** The Nazis, Says Churchill's Parrot
2004-01-18: Thomas Friedman Says Appease the Arabs With More Israeli Sacrifices
2004-01-12: Robert P. Pula, Foremost Teacher of General Semantics, Dies
2004-01-08: Sweden's Socialist 'Paradise'
2004-01-01: The Religion of 'Peace'
2003-12-31: The Shameful Treatment of An American Hero
2003-12-29: Iran's 'Enlightened' Leadership
2003-12-23: "My Good Friend Saddam..."
2003-12-12: Goodism
2003-12-08: The War of the Minds: An Analysis of Arab Propaganda
2003-12-05: Geneva...Shmeneva!
2003-12-02: Jimmy Carter and Middle East Peace
2003-12-01: Anti-Zionists and Antisemites
2003-11-28: Democracy in Saudi Arabia?
2003-11-22: Democracy in the Middle East?
2003-11-21: Guest Commentary:"Free the 400 Million" by Shmuley Boteach
2003-11-18: More on 'Liberalism'
2003-11-17: More on Antisemitism from Ruth Wisse
2003-11-14: The 'Liberal ' Betrayal of Jews
2003-10-18: "Kill Bill," Greg Easterbrook, and the Jews
2003-10-15: 'Free Market' Fundamentalism
2003-10-13: Israel's Security Fence
2003-10-11: The Creed of Sanity
2003-10-10: Can Democratic Socialism Work?
2003-10-09: Success For The 'Governator'
2003-10-08: Labels
2003-10-07: More On Socialist Folly
2003-10-06: My Earnest Wish for Oct. 7
2003-10-06: The Socialist Nightmare
2003-09-30: Guest Commentary: Say What? Anti-Semites? by Steven Plaut
2003-09-14: The Pussycat Chronicles: Ketsele Joins Avivi
2003-09-12: One World Under Allah
2003-09-07: The Present War Of and On Nerves
2003-09-01: Fundamentalist Postmodernism
2003-08-13: It Seems That The 'Left' Left Me
2003-08-10: The Tree Ripper
2003-08-08: Garden Haiku
2003-08-07: Guest News Analysis: Ariel Sharon Trips on the Road Map by Shmuel Katz
2003-08-05: Iraqi Thirst for Israeli Beer
2003-08-05: Reading Lolita in Tehran
2003-08-03: Review: Hatred's Kingdom: How Saudi Arabia Supports the New Global Terrorism
2003-08-03: General Semantics On One Foot
2003-08-02: Memory
2003-08-01: Demarginalizing General Semantics
2003-08-01: Emerson On Blogging To Purpose
2003-08-01: Avivi Kodish

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