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picture30 Dec 2006 @ 17:53, by Roger Eaton

The dialog software though delayed again, is advancing well and we will get there. Meanwhile I am using the time to start up a Nonviolent Service Arm for the Global Assembly. If we have even the beginning of the NSA (;-) in place when the dialog kicks off, I think we can improve our chances in a couple of ways. The NSA will originally be composed of autonomous local taskforces connected via the internet. The purpose of the local NSA taskforces will be to support the Global Assembly through nonviolent action based on GA advisories - more on the advisories below. Each local taskforce will have a secretary whose responsibility will be to coordinate with the other taskforce secretaries and to respond as a group via the dialog software to the Global Assembly. See also the Wedding of Humanity and Nonviolence article.

The dialog software has a feature called "Shared Subjects". In the writing phase of a round, the participants will be able to see the subjects that have been used so far and the number of messages written for each subject. They will then either pick an existing subject or start a new one. In addition to an overall winner for the round, each subject will have its own winning message. The Dialog Coordinator will have the option to pre-seed a number of Shared Subjects, and for the Global Assembly Dialog, one of the pre-seeded Shared Subjects will be "Advice for the Nonviolent Service Arm of the Global Assembly".

The local task forces will be autonomous in that each one will independently interpret the advisories from the Global Assembly. At heart, though, the NSA is meant to be a cohesive service organization that takes its cue from the Global Assembly. What will the Global Assembly advise? Stay tuned and find out.

Having the NSA in place when the dialog starts up will add weight to the process, making it apparent that we can build momentum and have an effect in the world. On a more theoretical level, by channeling all action through a nonviolent body, we will train the Global Assembly to think in terms of nonviolence. When we get to a position of global power, the built in nonviolent bent of the Global Assembly will help prevent the misuse of that power.

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