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picture29 Apr 2004 @ 19:30, by Roger Eaton

Ben Hyde, in his Ascription is an anathema to any enthusiasm blog has posted some congenial musings about links as online currency, ala google. He quotes John Seely Brown:
Notice, also, that blogs can suddenly reach a critical mass that then forces something out into the open, into public consciousness. You might think of it as an analogy to the subconscious vs. the conscious.
Yes! And then he adds value to Brown, saying (among other things):
The image that John's little narrative creates is that ideas are attempting to emerge from the soil and that various authors on the net are kicking up the dirt trying to set them free. That the link's role is to be a spade in the soil. It doesn't serve the site, or the author, or the status economy. It serves the desperate attempt of the ideas to escape.

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3 May 2004 @ 07:29 by Ed Jonas @ : A sustainable global interface
Im wondering if the simple idea that the internet is
simply a global interface with the planet between
us, the users and nodes.
The implications of this are novel indeed....
What then is our function in the local and larger
scheme of things.....
I know some have postuated that humans
function as sensors for not only themselves
but for the planetary awareness......
I bit of a streach perhaps for some
but the collective or social intelligence
is an emerging theme......
who is in control.....
I think that is part of the struggle
that we have to get away from the old ideas of
control and consider the semi-control or co-control
models that are emerging......
As well we have to make some inroads in
to the concept of a "sustainable global interface"
What good is what we have if it is not of a
sustainable nature.....
why put in all the work without the sustainable
consideration.....and global sustainability is an issue
for us all.....


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