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11 Mar 2004 @ 19:05, by Roger Eaton

Testing Darryl's tres cool TRAFFIC.zodeca.com tracking software, I discovered some percolation on the subject of web annotation.

Casey has an excellent article about the history of annotation on the web, citing articles about a 1999 product called "Third Voice" that used browser plugins to allow web annotation, with mixed to poor results.

A big problem was the use of annotations as graffiti/chat instead of comment on the content. Casey also has a good idea about using a bloglike sidebar to display the annotations. I am conflicted. My plans were to go ahead and integrate the annotations and hilights, and I am still so inclined. After all people do not complain when Google cache has splotchy keyword hilights -- as long as we provide a mode to turn off hilights and annotations. It is a hard problem tho, when the annotations overwhelm the original, how do we handle it?

Casey's conclusion: "...the time is ripe for the rebirth of a (suitably polite) web annotation service on the web."

Alan Green has his own blog article, commenting on Casey's article and someone had referenced blog.voiceofhumanity.net, which is how I noticed this discussion. I am behind the curve, in some ways, I see. Blogging aggregation and backtracking and the like are not second nature yet.

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13 Mar 2004 @ 00:25 by Roger Eaton @ : replying to a post on Casey's blog
Thanks, Casey. What I come away with so far in the discussion is 1) use a sidebar to carry annotations, and 2) it is possible, tho perhaps not all that easy, to allow the annotations to reside on the annotator's blog.

The Atom API is coming along at http://www.intertwingly.net/wiki/pie/FrontPage and if I understand, it will be possible to use atomic technology to add entries to a blog as well as feed from the blog to the aggregators. There may be a way to have a two way street, where you can a) add an annotation and have the annotation automatically post to your own blog, or, b) post to your blog and have the post automatically become an annotation. Something like this, Alan was thinking?

Having the annotations be distributed on the blogs seems a key to a successful web annotation system. People want to build up their blogs. Seems like there will be a lot of difficulties actually making it work, but I think I will head in this direction. (I notice you mentioned rdf, but until convinced otherwise, I am staying clear of rdf -- too hard for too little result. Are you in the academic world, by chance? It seems academia is sold on the semantic web, but no one else.)

I logged onto Gibeo and they are trapping mouse clicks for highlighting using a proxy server to insert their script. Something like this is how I intend to go about it. I know you mentioned proxy server annotating does not scale, but I am thinking of a network of simple proxy servers linked peer to peer. Any single one of these proxy servers will serve just one or a few Annotated Web portals, with each portal being focused on a particular topic. So it doesn't have to scale. The network scales, not the individual proxy servers.

Here is another short discussion that was triggered by my AntWeb article: http://ming.tv/flemming2.php/_d10/_v10/__show_article/_a000010-000965.htm.

crossposting to {link:http://caseyporn.com/blog/archives/000067.html|Casey's Blog}.  

29 Apr 2004 @ 19:05 by Roger Eaton @ : more on annotations
James Tauber is cogitating along these lines in {link:http://jtauber.com/blog/2004/04/29/blogs_annotations_comments_and_trackbacks|Blogs, Annotations, Comments and Trackbacks}.  

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