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picture3 Nov 2003 @ 21:04, by Roger Eaton

Upon the advice of my PR person (;-), I am adding an occasional Personal Page. This may be a mistake. I advise if you see "Personal Stuff" in the title, you might want to skip the entire article.

To start off, then, I have just put up a page of Irv's Politically Conscious Poems. Irv is Sandy's father. Sandy is my, what do I say when we are pushing 60? my common law wife? Anyway we have been living together since 1995, happily, too, in a nothing much happens sort of way. Except Sandy broke her neck this year. This is something best avoided.

Cannot say I am not a steady fellow. I have worked the same job now since 1981 as a programmer for a cruise line. Pardon me for not naming it. It is a corporation, and I don't fit in super well there, now for 22 years. Best they don't find me in cyber-space saying what goes on at Princess. Do you know that the average fare at some cruise lines is about 50 percent of the published fare? Do you know there is a cruise line that seats its guests for dinner using a computer program to bring together people who had the same deals? After all, it can be awkward if one person at table paid full fare, or nearly full fare, when everyone else paid half or less! What do you say? "You sucker, you!"?

Lately, since about day the U.S. attacked Iraq, I have been feeling all too Roman. I'm into Coriolanus for my bedtime reading, and Roman in this context is not a good thing. It means, for all one's good points, "stiff necked tribal wretch". Electing Schwarzenegger here in California has not improved my disposition. I know, I know, there is a populist thread here that is not all bad, but consider the ignorance it takes to elect an image as governor!

Interesting conversation, though, this evening with Sandy. Why, she asked, does the U.S. government not understand the threat that we, humanity/the U.S, pose to the environment? I mean aren't we all on the same planet? Do they want to end up blowing away in the superheated dust with the rest of us, those Bushites? Well, it hasn't happened yet. That is the great problem with the ecological threat. By the time we realize we have seriously damaged the planet, it could be too late. Overshoot it is called. We go way past the point of no return before the serious bad news begins coming in. In the meanwhile, if you had your millions and depended on looting the environment to stay rich, would you take the optimistic or the pessimistic view on the environment? The world is ruled by winners. Millions of years of winners passing on their beliefs to their children. "You can do it!" "Go for it!" "When problems come, you can handle it!" So do we think about overshoot and being proactive on ecological problems, or do we take the "reasonable" view that problems way up ahead often disperse of themselves before we get there, like a knot of cars on the freeway going 70 when you are going 75; somehow by the time you get there, the way is clear.

I guess I am at the point Roger Williams reached when he had kicked all his parishioners out of his church there in Rhode Island, back in the 1600's, except his wife, Mary. They were none of them good enough. But when he began to have serious questions about his wife, instead of kicking her out, too, he decided to invite everyone back in. Rhode Island became the first colony to separate religion and state. All welcome, even Catholics and Quakers. Sinners welcome! That's it. Sinners welcome! Humanity includes you. Here is my home page.

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4 Nov 2003 @ 00:52 by shawa : Just wanted to say hello.
An Angel. :-)  

4 Nov 2003 @ 14:28 by ming : Personal
Heheh, I'm certainly not going to skip it. It is good to know you a little better!  

5 Nov 2003 @ 07:09 by mx @ : good move, Roger..
behind every ingenius collection of bytes (called software) there is a face, believe it or not...
PR tip of the day: what works even better is to get your pet on the front cover ;-)
best of luck, Roger  

5 Nov 2003 @ 07:22 by scotty : Thankyou Roger !
for 'being' and for writing about yourself ... now that is something that I can understand .. I don't need to go running for my dictionary either !
Meeting a real human being in here is AWSOME!
and best wishes to your 'Lady' Sandy too.  

5 Nov 2003 @ 07:50 by swan : It is the authentic voice
that I desire to hear more and more from. Nice to meet you, Roger.  

5 Nov 2003 @ 18:49 by Natalie d'Arbeloff @ : hello
Roger, I've just left a comment at the page about your experiment but am glad to also discover you as an individual. Am going to put a link to you on my blog immediately. And I hope you'll visit my Bloggers Parliament page and maybe even decide to join? It would be an honor to have you on board this (non-cruise) ship.

9 Nov 2003 @ 12:53 by mre : good comments
I'll be sure to post more personal stuff now and then, but the focus of this blog will remain the voice of humanity project. Thanks to all who commented.  

10 Mar 2004 @ 23:15 by Marissa (skookum) @ : thank you for your comment on my poem
You are a very interesting person!  

20 Jan 2009 @ 03:46 by field @ : cool
Well, it hasn't happened yet. That is the great problem with the ecological threat. By the time we realize we have seriously damaged the planet, it could be too late.  

8 Jun 2009 @ 05:59 by jewelry @ : pearl
Read to exercise the brain.
Surround yourself with friends.  

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