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17 Aug 2003 @ 11:03, by Roger Eaton

Ming's comment at the bottom of a previous post made me realize the need for an InterMix marketing strategy. Much as we might wish it were otherwise, a marketing strategy is a must for any project to get off the ground.

The purpose of InterMix is to create an intelligent and believable voice of humanity on the web. The method is simple enough to be doable: we set up a global voting system to elect messages. Instead of electing people, we elect messages. This is doable. Not easy, but definitely doable.

Now here is the marketing twist: we don't sell InterMix, we sell the “voice of humanity”. InterMix doesn't have any selling points to speak of -- nothing to stand out sufficiently in the flood of information on the web. Contrast the voice of humanity, which will be our champion against the stupidities and terrors of the nations! InterMix is just the means of getting there.

Here's number one on Google for “voice of humanity”:

The Voice Of Humanity By: Trigahertz on 4/23/2003; 12:28 AM
On our small blue planet
Making it's way through space
A voice cries out
This voice has no face

This voice is oppressed
And it screams out in pain
Stuttering at unselfishness
For it's own greatest gain

This voice praises the stars
And the light that they show
But this voice cannot look inside itself
It does not really know

This voice battles with itself
Beats itself down
Struggles back up
Only to be beat back down to the ground

This voice is divided with itself
It cannot decide
Whether to continue forward
Or to run and hide

This voice cannot hear itself
It falls on deaf ears
Fades into the distance
Sheds countless tears

This voice is one voice
And it tells the tale
Of where it has been
And where it did fail

This voice is calling to us
Won't you respond?
Before the voice of humanity, now just a whisper
Is long gone?
I like this poem a lot because it has faith in humanity, yet it recognizes how fractured and feeble our common voice is. A voice of humanity realized on the web will heal and strengthen that good wit and kindness that runs at our core.

And – if a lovely poem is number one on google, then that means the phrase “voice of humanity” is available for a marketing campaign. VoiceOfHumanity.org is taken, but not in use – expires in November of 2003. VoiceOfHumanity.com is taken but redirects to another site – expires in January 2004. VoiceOfHumanity.net is available, so I have taken it for three years at godaddy.

Next article: The Welcome Nature of a Voice of Humanity on the Web.

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17 Aug 2003 @ 14:26 by istvan : Let me know
if I can help any ways.
I also have some websites i wantto develop when the time is right.
My newslog Novus Papirus is also on top in Google.

17 Aug 2003 @ 16:36 by ming : Voice of Humanity
I think that if the algorithm actually works, and it can be demonstrated that it is possible to get a good reading of the voice of humanity, or, to start with, just the voice of any small group - then there will be no need for marketing it. In other words, if the problem is solved well enough, it will be abundantly obvious to those who look closely enough, and the news will spread quickly.

So, I think the hard problem to solve is HOW to get a sufficiently good reading of the collective voice. I don't think that the rating and sorting of messages in itself is quite enough.  

6 Jan 2004 @ 12:24 by Trigahertz @ : I wrote this poem.
I was just searching for myself (Trigahertz) on Google, and this page came up. I was surprised to find my poem here. Very cool.  

9 Feb 2004 @ 14:39 by Josef @ : Voice of Humanity
A quick thought to add to ming's comment above.

Agreed that rating and sorting of messages in itself is not quite enough. But there might be a system whereby one can make up one's mind on an issue and "take a position" that somehow is integrated into the system and filters up, any time that particular issue comes up for discussion or is implicated in solving a particular problem. I am thinking of a set of data attached to a person, a "character" that forms through participation in discussions, votes, surveys, and leaves a permanent trace of the will of each given individual.  

15 Feb 2004 @ 11:35 by Roger Eaton @ : re: Voice of Humanity
Online software is being developed by Carnegie-Mellon to enable "deliberative polling" -- the idea being for people to become educated about an issue before being polled about it. Prof. James Fishkin of Stanford is the one who has developed the concept. Here is a http://www.cmu.edu/PR/releases03/031217_townhall.html on it.

From the article linked:"Technology and the Internet will undoubtedly change the way citizens organize and engage in politics in the near future," said InSITeS Executive Director Ronald Gdovic. "The software coming out of InSITeS and CAAE has the potential to change the way people participate in their government. Technology is poised to help us overcome the barrier of distance to have similar interactive and informed dialogue about national policy."  

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