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picture27 Jul 2003 @ 14:07, by Roger Eaton

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InterMix has been designed to implement a philosophy of “unity-and-diversity” in the political realm on a world scale. In other words, InterMix is meant to create a common global human consciousness while simultaneously strengthening the nations, religions, parties and all the other divisions of humanity.

InterMix is founded on a three layer political model: 1) the individual, 2) the nations and other divisions, and 3) a humanity which is naturally allied to the individual against the horrendous excesses of that middle layer.

The nations so often misuse their constituents, i.e., us, out of necessity in their struggle with each other. Yet, the glue that binds the nations together is also the glue that will bind humanity – compassion for one’s fellow human beings. So we must not go against the nations. Rather we need to trick the nations for their own good, and for ours, into giving up the very center of their power to a democratically organized, bottom up common humanity. We use the force of moral jiu-jitsu, a concept from the theory of nonviolence, to co-opt the power of the nations for the use of humanity. In other words, we go with the flow, and by the judicious application of just the right sleight of hand or smallest pressure, we completely redirect all that us-vs-them energy, capturing it for our common good.

The trick is to get the nations talking with each other collectively, exchanging messages freely generated by and agreed upon by their citizens. Such a network of international voices will be capped by the voice of humanity, which will be the natural court of appeal for disputes.
The InterMix mechanism is such that collective messages must be both interesting and approved to be selected for sending by a group.

Now, what is it that people everywhere share that is both interesting and approved? Only sensible kindly wit. So we may expect that the voice of humanity will come forth with appropriate and generous witticisms for every occasion. Over time people will come to trust humanity, and even in difficult situations be willing to ask for collective human guidance in a situation.

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27 Jul 2003 @ 17:25 by spiritseek : Sounds easy...
but I don't see it ever happening that way.  

28 Jul 2003 @ 00:51 by b : I agreeSpiritseek
Each nation has a diplomatic corps who speak to all and each other. In USA it is the Dept. of State. Most countries have an equivilent for diplomacy with each other and for which protocols have been established.
Yes Roger, not so simple.  

28 Jul 2003 @ 22:15 by mre : Big World - Definitely not Easy
Diplomats and the whole nation-state system even with the U.N.
are clearly not coping, so it seems very much in order to figure
out how to apply world opinion more powerfully. We need the nations
and the diplomats, but let's get them under control, please!

My problem at this time is still with the design. The details are
not as clear as I'd like -- hoping this log will help me get
my thoughts in order. Thanks for dropping by.  

8 Jun 2009 @ 06:16 by jewelry @ : pearl
Smile! It will make you feel better.  

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