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26 Jul 2003 @ 11:34, by Roger Eaton

InterMix is designed to build a dramatic global community of collective voices on the web capped by the collective voice of humanity. From the welter of exchange between the nations and the cities, the religions and the sexes, the political parties and the strands of academic thought, the voice of humanity will arise as the protector of the individual and the court of appeal for the great disputes of the age.

Groups vote to elect messages. That is the simple idea.

Collective communication is the key to the new civilization we seek. There are caveats of course and they need to be examined thoroughly, but the main point to grasp is that when the whole world speaks, people will both listen and know that everyone else is listening. Thought and action on every level will be reconditioned by a common global consciousness.

On the technical side, the InterMix design is only roughed out. There is something of a prototype – see http://sharingLA.org – but a full redesign using the latest open source facilities is needed to go global with a bottom up approach that is consistent with the open global society we envision.

This WebLog will detail progress in design and implementation, beginning with a series of articles written over the past decade.

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