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picture24 Jun 2007 @ 17:20
Unity-and-Diversity Council (UDC) converges on Temescal Canyon, CA.

• Final parameters for an "online think-tank" (Global Assembly Dialog) completed

• Executive session establishes strategic vision for UDC and Global Assembly rollout


Rev. Leland Stewart, (310) 391-5735 Email: udcworld1@yahoo.com
Rebecca Tobias, (310) 916-8888 Email: Rebecca@RaoulWallenbergInstitute.org  More >

 News Bulletin – Atom for Wikis is Percolating7 comments
category picture31 Oct 2003 @ 10:57
How great would it be if your news-aggregator could also pull in the latest changes from your favorite wikis? The idea is to develop the atom api in such a way that it can be used for wikis as well. The main source for this story is the Atom Wiki. An important sidelight can be found in a comment posted on the net and in the Atom mailing list by Ken MacLeod: ”Is Atom becoming too tightly bound?” -- it is possible that atom will end up so specialized for blogs that it can't handle wikis. This story needs watching since it relates to the portal pages that the voh metaweb will be using.  More >

 News: James Moore's Second Superpower Article2 comments
category picture31 Aug 2003 @ 09:35
An good article - worth a look.

From The Second Superpower Rears its Beautiful Head by James Moore

"Overall, what can be said for the prospects of the second superpower? With its mind enhanced by Internet connective tissue, and international law as a venue to work with others for progressive action, the second superpower is starting to demonstrate its potential. But there is much to do. How do we assure that it continues to gain in strength? And at least as important, how do we continue to develop the mind of the second superpower, so that it maximizes wisdom and goodwill? The future, as they say, is in our hands. We need to join together to help the second superpower, itself, grow stronger." -- James Moore  More >

 News - BitTorrent - important breakthrough for P2P4 comments
category picture10 Aug 2003 @ 10:08
News to me, that is. BitTorrent from Bram Cohen has been out there for well over a year. Written in Python, open source. BitTorrent allows a new item to be distributed rapidly throughout a huge network from an underpowered server. It works by putting all the downloaders to work uploading to each other. The magic is in keeping track of it all under p2p drop-in/drop-out conditions. It works. It is simple for the users. See the Bit Conjurer homepage. And here is an interesting article about the Python coding techniques behind BitTorrent.

[link]  More >