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 Blogosphere Review and the MetaWeb Concept15 comments
category picture26 Oct 2003 @ 15:14
This article is an overview of the blogosphere by a newcomer bringing a fresh eye to the scene -- the result of my researches how best to implement the voice of humanity vohP2P middleware program in a blog-friendly way. I am taking ming's comments about making blog metadata available through an interface seriously. The technoblogerati will want more than a metadata interface, though, before they are seriously interested, so it was delightful to stumble on an idea that really might get the voh project moving. I call it the MetaWeb; it is a simple, highly extensible idea for building a peer-to-peer web on top of the web, implementing among other things, the instant blogroll by category and the stigmergic ant trail in a big way - see too this article.  More >

 Competing with Google5 comments
category picture5 Oct 2003 @ 16:06
This article explores how we might add an intelligent search capability to the global voice of humanity (voh) network. As I was writing the article I kept noticing I was writing "we". "The point is that eventually we can out-google google." And so forth. I hope that ming will apply his usual good sense to the article and then, if I can get past that test, the next articles will A) begin to probe the internet world for possible collaborators, to make the "we" real, and B) begin to establish the API's for the voh software.  More >

 The Delicate Question of Money11 comments
category picture5 Sep 2003 @ 15:03
A voice of humanity will need funding to establish a global presence, and fairly large scale funding, at that. Without money or the prospect of money behind the project, we might get the software to a usable stage, and then stall in actually developing the network. Afterall, no small amount of computer resources and human support will be needed to make the network go.  More >

 Handling Collective Messages8 comments
category picture4 Sep 2003 @ 13:28
The basic elements for a global database, as laid out in a previous article, are hubs, participants, items, categories, ratings, linkages and linkage rules. In order to handle collective messages we will also need perspectives, groups, addresses, thresholds, listener groups and dialogue cycles.
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 How to Build a Voice of Humanity on the Web - the short version8 comments
category picture28 Aug 2003 @ 19:34

Underlying a voice of humanity there must be a globally distributed database -- this article is about the overall operation and structure of that database. A separate article will deal with how we build the voice of humanity on top of the database.  More >

 A Voice of Humanity on the Web7 comments
category picture21 Aug 2003 @ 12:49
Putting aside the practical questions just for the moment, let's say a voice of humanity really is doable and we go ahead and it works. What should we expect?
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 Marketing InterMix6 comments
category picture17 Aug 2003 @ 11:03
Ming's comment at the bottom of a previous post made me realize the need for an InterMix marketing strategy. Much as we might wish it were otherwise, a marketing strategy is a must for any project to get off the ground.  More >

 InterMix Middleware Writeup from Dec, 20024 comments
category picture9 Aug 2003 @ 17:12
Written before I discovered JXTA, this writeup is still the most comprehensive document for the InterMix distributed database. Collective Communication is not mentioned, but the design is such as to underpin a global scale voice of humanity.  More >

 RDF, the Semantic Web and InterMix5 comments
category picture7 Aug 2003 @ 21:07
RDF and the Semantic Web are an intriguing development, built right on the same street where we are clearing a plot for InterMix. Investigating the Semantic Web led me to Chandler which looks even more promising.
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 scalable collaborative filtering network (SCFN)4 comments
category picture31 Jul 2003 @ 19:49
Two articles on the (tongue in cheek) SCFN from 1998. Tho, come to think of it, the concept is right on!  More >

 Publish and Subscribe Details1 comment
category picture31 Jul 2003 @ 18:04
A very early article from 1997 beginning to think about how to create a bottom up system that would work globally.

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 Arab/Jewish Email Dialogue - an example of collective communication4 comments
category picture31 Jul 2003 @ 15:05
The following October 2001 article describes the plan for an Arab / Jewish email dialogue. The dialogue did take place on a small scale. Results were good but under the impact of growing violence in the Middle East did not lead anywhere -- see http://nonviolenceworks.com/MiddleEast. Go to Original.
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 my vision for collaboration on the internet1 comment
category picture30 Jul 2003 @ 10:57
Here is an article from Dec 1999 describing the need for a collaborative database as the underpinning for a global humanitarian effort. Go to original.  More >

 Developing a Protocol for a Gobally Distributed InterMix Database2 comments
category picture29 Jul 2003 @ 20:06
Here's another old article, with a more technical bent. Already it is somewhat out of date -- for instance, JXTA will replace SOAP as the basis for inter-nodal communication. But there are a couple very important ideas here. For one, that of using a manual scaffold on which an automatic network can be constructed. This is a key idea. The database intelligence will depend heavily on the many manually applied individual linkages. And the notion of using bottom up methods to create useful hierarchies is another key idea.

March 10, 2001 Go to original.  More >

 Tricking the Nations into Peace4 comments
picture27 Jul 2003 @ 14:07
The following article was originally posted in the sharingLA database on Oct 12, 2001. go to original

InterMix has been designed to implement a philosophy of “unity-and-diversity” in the political realm on a world scale. In other words, InterMix is meant to create a common global human consciousness while simultaneously strengthening the nations, religions, parties and all the other divisions of humanity.  More >

 InterMix Open Source Community Software for the Web1 comment
category picture26 Jul 2003 @ 11:34

InterMix is designed to build a dramatic global community of collective voices on the web capped by the collective voice of humanity. From the welter of exchange between the nations and the cities, the religions and the sexes, the political parties and the strands of academic thought, the voice of humanity will arise as the protector of the individual and the court of appeal for the great disputes of the age.

Groups vote to elect messages. That is the simple idea.

Collective communication is the key to the new civilization we seek. There are caveats of course and they need to be examined thoroughly, but the main point to grasp is that when the whole world speaks, people will both listen and know that everyone else is listening. Thought and action on every level will be reconditioned by a common global consciousness.

On the technical side, the InterMix design is only roughed out. There is something of a prototype – see http://sharingLA.org – but a full redesign using the latest open source facilities is needed to go global with a bottom up approach that is consistent with the open global society we envision.

This WebLog will detail progress in design and implementation, beginning with a series of articles written over the past decade.  More >

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