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2007-06-24: Global Assembly now accepting sign ups
2007-06-24: news release
2007-05-26: WiserEarth / Paul Hawken
2007-03-18: Latest InterMix Design
2007-01-25: Author Robert Wright argues that history has an arrow
2006-12-30: A Nonviolent Service Arm for the Global Assembly
2006-11-19: Global Assembly Dialog Progress Report
2006-10-12: True Religion Creates Community
2006-10-01: Voice of Humanity and the Information Commons?
2006-09-24: The Outsider has a place in the Global Assembly Dialog
2006-09-17: "Unity and Diversity" and "Unity in Diversity"
2006-08-11: The Wedding of Humanity and Nonviolence
2006-07-20: Response to Global Democracy article by Eric Schneider
2006-07-16: The Voice of Humanity will Reground Western Civilization
2006-07-15: Global Assembly Progress Report
2006-07-14: Response to Heiner Benking's "Dialogues and Conversations" paper
2006-07-11: Response to Josep L.I. Ortega's Statement for Unity of Action
2006-06-24: Organizing a Unity-and-Diversity Global Assembly from the Bottom Up
2005-05-25: Jewish-Muslim Email Dialogue Success
2004-10-17: The Network Second Layer
2004-09-25: The Extinction Crisis and Society
2004-08-14: How Collective Email Dialog Works
2004-06-06: specifications for InterMix II begin to take shape
2004-05-22: A System for Negating Alternatives
2004-05-17: technical progress - Chandler UUID
2004-04-29: Link Value
2004-04-24: Bottom up Hierarchy --> CyberHumanity
2004-03-31: A Macro View of the Metaweb
2004-03-18: voice of humanity powerpoint presentation
2004-03-11: Web Annotation Discussion online
2004-03-07: Technical Working Paper - InterMix API
2004-02-22: Progress Report - Dimensions
2004-01-02: A New Heaven
2003-12-09: Continuing Chandler/AntWeb Discussion
2003-11-28: The Annotated Web
2003-11-20: Chandler and Mitch Kapor
2003-11-12: Roger Eaton's Collection of Solutions
2003-11-09: The Academic Document Retrieval Scene
2003-11-03: Personal Stuff: Roger the Roman
2003-10-31: News Bulletin – Atom for Wikis is Percolating
2003-10-30: Peter Small's Stigmergic Systems Site
2003-10-26: Blogosphere Review and the MetaWeb Concept
2003-10-05: Competing with Google
2003-09-05: The Delicate Question of Money
2003-09-04: Handling Collective Messages
2003-08-31: News: James Moore's Second Superpower Article
2003-08-28: How to Build a Voice of Humanity on the Web - the short version
2003-08-21: A Voice of Humanity on the Web
2003-08-17: Marketing InterMix
2003-08-10: News - BitTorrent - important breakthrough for P2P
2003-08-09: InterMix Middleware Writeup from Dec, 2002
2003-08-07: RDF, the Semantic Web and InterMix
2003-07-31: scalable collaborative filtering network (SCFN)
2003-07-31: Publish and Subscribe Details
2003-07-31: User Keywords
2003-07-31: Arab/Jewish Email Dialogue - an example of collective communication
2003-07-30: my vision for collaboration on the internet
2003-07-29: Developing a Protocol for a Gobally Distributed InterMix Database
2003-07-27: Tricking the Nations into Peace
2003-07-26: InterMix Open Source Community Software for the Web

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