we leave at midnight2 comments
picture13 Sep 2003 @ 19:34
said our prayers and set out at midnight our time from the other side.

it's now 0.21 and feel a certain lightness of being...and am aware of build up of energy

0.43 and the screen is extremely bright and spelling is already challenging

we have been looking at some digital art work that we have created over the last couple of weeks and enjoying it immensely

music is very full, the sounds are much richer and seemingly deeper and can feel deep physical and psychic resonances

the illusion of straight edges/lineality is receeding so everything has a nice curved fullness and numinosity

typing is not impossible but tedious so will leave off for a bit

a full hour has now passed, however it seems much longer

I find that as I think of an idea an opposite seems to pop up into my mind almost immediately - what I mean is, I consider the idea of spirit and the rightness of materialism comes with it - I think about the uses of computer technology and before I know it am considering living frugally, low-tech natural good life!

so I'm in binary-opposite land

Sue, my partner is always very bright but tonight she is shining she looks like a young Roman man, and its easy to imagine a wreath of laurel on her head - she sees me looking at her and asks what I see? Oh, just a Roman senator! As I always play her up by telling her she would make a good politician(because she has far too much integrity[bags full-I tell her]),she sees this as a running gag.

We then went outside to gaze upon the moon which was shining brightly in a star-filled sky. The moon was massive and it was easy to feel its pull and enchantment. There seems to be fine silver filaments that connect all the heavenly bodies together into a network. Can hear vehicles on roads miles away, could probably diagnose engine faults from a distance due to sounds - can hear a strange ticking from one car - probably a ford !

Set and setting probably wrong for meeting gods, spirits and other disincarnate entities. Whenever I have done so on previous sorties, have been on my own and sitting/meditating quietly. Tonight we have music and each other, which is more than enough distractions !

We have laughed lots, at things very funny and not so. I told Sue about Ming's account of the Organ Grinder and the Monkey as a money making venture and she came up with a sure-fire scheme of her own. She proposes a Boulder-sitting and security service. Obviously, most folk have not got time to watch over the world's rocks and boulders, but we can do it for you ! Customers would get a photo and map of the their adopted rock and we would look after it for them. Incidently, does anybody know if there is a world's largest boulder ? And does it reside in Boulder, Colorado ? And can a boulder reside ?

And I thought about myself... What if all the people I had upset/dissappointed/annoyed/let down all came round to see me at once ? I could put them in touch with those I had amused/helped/calmed/loved and helped and let them work it out between them.

And I thought about my children and my parents and all the people from all time to eternity and i felt sad at all the misery and pain and I felt joya and pride at all the fantastic things that we had done and will do...

And I thought about life generally and I see one organism, throbbing and expanding and I dont feel sad anymore, just feel everything at once.

And I remember that this is the way I usually feel when this high, I understand everything at same time, but cannot simply explain in language.

Sue has been looking into a mirror for some time and tells me that she has seen a range of faces that begin with humans from all races and ages and sexes. Then she sees animals and non-humans of every description. I remember doing this yearsa ago and smile. I regularly used to see a very old chinese/japanese face smiling out at me and wonder if he is still there? So I go to the mirror in the bathroom and look into it... I see an an antelope or an elk of something perhaps like a centaur...then a range of extra-terrestrial type faces from classic greys to faces so ugly I can barely look and I think about Oannes (Fish-faced mythological visitor from the sea that brought knowledge after the flood). If anybody reading this has experience of "Ugly beings", I would be most interested to compare notes.

Now I feel that the main energy of the sacred plants has passed. Sue is beginning to yawn and time, which has slowed down for the outward journey, starts to speed up again as we return to our ordinary vibration. Obviousl I know that I will not be fully "straight" until I have slept.

We both feel a physical passion flow over us and retire to the bedroom for an intense union that I will leave to the psychedelic imagination of the reader. Let me just say that sexual energy is massively increased by the psilocybin and if you haven't tried it then I would reccommend it to loving, secure and adventurous couples (or any other combination!).

Thank you for bearing with us, it was a lot of fun and most uplifting. The Cubensis mushrooms were different than English Liberty Caps in several ways; effects were felt very quickly and seemed to hit full effect early on and stay on plateau for some time. Then felt descent equally quickly but left nice gentle come down for some hours. It was 6 hours into experience when we went to bed and energy was still very evident. English magics seem to be much more dramatic on the ascent, as if in quite defined steps up and down on the descent. They will be showing in the next few weeks here so I may be able to do a comparison.

Just time to say thanks to those who sent love and supported us tonight - we love you all !

dave and sue  More >

 Saturday Night Shamanic Fever4 comments
picture12 Sep 2003 @ 10:02
Friday 12th September '03.

Caught a bus into Birmingham town centre and walked for about a mile to Brindley Place, set in the heart of the local canal network. I soon find the shop I am looking for, as there is a large sign in the window advertising mexican shamanic mushrooms for sale. Under UK drug laws, psilocybin mushrooms are illegal if prepared in any way. The shop sells them unprepared, ten pounds sterling for 15 grams.

It's quite a novelty to buy hallucinogens over the counter and I asked the (very camp) sales assistant how was business. Apparently they sell approximately 2,000 per week between their two shops. The mushrooms are grown commercially in Amsterdam and then exported.

I have never tried the variety that are on sale which are psilocybe cubensis, all my previous experience being with liberty caps, the English native variety.

There are two active compounds in magic mushrooms psilocyn and psilocybin(i think). The varieties of magic mushroom have a range of ratios of the two compounds which can give a more physical or mental experience. One of the compounds breaks down when the mushrooms are dried, there is a definite difference between trips on fresh or dried English mushrooms. In my experience, fresh mushrooms deliver a body and mind trip, while dried lead to an experience more akin to LSD.

Tomorrow evening (Goddess willing) will sample the mushrooms in the spirit of experimentation and adventure; have got 45g(wet). A full account of the experience will be found here, when one can type again.

Should anybody have any questions or matters that they want considered during the influence of the psilocybin, please post a comment before tomorrow night (13th September).  More >

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