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picture16 Sep 2003 @ 06:37, by Dave da Shaman

'She shines like a star!'

Tuesday September 16, 2003
The Guardian

An extract from The English Roses, by Madonna:
You see, the English Roses wanted to be friendly, and they knew that Binah was lonely. But they could not bring themselves to be nice to her, because everywhere they went this is what they heard:

"What a beauty she is!"

"She shines like a star!"

"That Binah is something else!"

When Nicole and Amy and Charlotte and Grace heard people speak this way about Binah, they always felt like they were going to be sick. This is what they would have to say:

"How could anyone be so perfect?"

"No one ever says that about us!"

"It's not fair to have so much!"

"Let's pretend we don't see her when she walks by."

"Let's push her in the lake!"

And that is what they did.

Isn't Binah one of the Sephira of the Tree of Life? I read that Madge was into studying Kabbala, but am suprised she uses the terminology for a kid's book. And if the story is a thinly-veiled account of her life on these shores, it looks as if she is not being fully accepted into po(p)lite English society. We read over here that the CIA is working with various artists stateside to promote the American way of life. Madonna's recent works seem to fit this propaganda role only too well.

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16 Sep 2003 @ 06:58 by martha : madonna and propaganda
I watched an interview with madonna several months ago and she was trying to present the softer, gentler, kinder and forgiving person that she claims she has become. She also claimed to be studying the Kabbala for 7 years. While I don't dispute her claim, I finally turned off the TV in disgust. Same old madonna only in different clothes. I think she is trying to compete with Rawlings and wants to be the next child's author to make a fortune and grab the spot light.
The energy she emmitted during the interview did not hide her hard edge and unforgiving nature. What a joke.

A joke to some, but sadly still mass-marketable. Successful pop stars need to reinvent themselves regularly, probably working on the basis that the public have short memories. While folk have low self-esteem and feel the need to look to others for some excitement in their lives, there'll always be "stars". D'ya think "nice" people become media stars? I've met a few, and they didn't strike me as having much love for anybody but themselves. Perhaps its necessary in the media world.  

25 Sep 2003 @ 15:34 by jmarc : i liked her
when she had hairy armpits. i think...  

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