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picture12 Sep 2003 @ 10:02, by Dave da Shaman

Friday 12th September '03.

Caught a bus into Birmingham town centre and walked for about a mile to Brindley Place, set in the heart of the local canal network. I soon find the shop I am looking for, as there is a large sign in the window advertising mexican shamanic mushrooms for sale. Under UK drug laws, psilocybin mushrooms are illegal if prepared in any way. The shop sells them unprepared, ten pounds sterling for 15 grams.

It's quite a novelty to buy hallucinogens over the counter and I asked the (very camp) sales assistant how was business. Apparently they sell approximately 2,000 per week between their two shops. The mushrooms are grown commercially in Amsterdam and then exported.

I have never tried the variety that are on sale which are psilocybe cubensis, all my previous experience being with liberty caps, the English native variety.

There are two active compounds in magic mushrooms psilocyn and psilocybin(i think). The varieties of magic mushroom have a range of ratios of the two compounds which can give a more physical or mental experience. One of the compounds breaks down when the mushrooms are dried, there is a definite difference between trips on fresh or dried English mushrooms. In my experience, fresh mushrooms deliver a body and mind trip, while dried lead to an experience more akin to LSD.

Tomorrow evening (Goddess willing) will sample the mushrooms in the spirit of experimentation and adventure; have got 45g(wet). A full account of the experience will be found here, when one can type again.

Should anybody have any questions or matters that they want considered during the influence of the psilocybin, please post a comment before tomorrow night (13th September).

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12 Sep 2003 @ 12:11 by jmarc : be prepared
to laugh your ass off, and smile alot. It's been a years since i had some magic mushrooms, but i remember that part. Of coarse, it may have been the tequila...


never tried tequila....Ed.  

12 Sep 2003 @ 12:32 by spells : Taking the Sacrament
An excellent post on an important topic, brother Dave. Spells and I (Rishi) are certainly most interested in your report on the experience, and the fact that these gifts from nature are publicly available there.

We view these substances as opportunities for the expansion of consciousness, and as your comments on shamanic use suggest. In other words, such entheogens are spiritually important to humanity, especially when they are used in conjunction with meditation and spiritual intent. When this is the case, the "high" that is obtained is much higher than what the substance woul normally offer, as well as conveying such qualities as greater clarity, insight and spiritual progress. For that reason we always advocate the use of meditation with their use, so that the high can actually be NAVIGATED at will, and made to go in the general, if not the specific direction desired.

Please note the article in the WMS Library "The Resurrection of the Higher Self" in the Library of See also the article "Power Plants" on Rishi' work group.

Let's discuss more.

Ed. look forward to that  

12 Sep 2003 @ 13:30 by susannahbe : So mush room for growth :-)
Look forward to hearing your experience ...really nice to see you here :-)

Ed. et tu susannahbe  

13 Sep 2003 @ 15:18 by repsyche : "the time has come, the walrus said"
will be communing with the homitos( spanish? - trans. "little men" - I called them "little lads" before I read the Don Juan series, so perhaps the mushrooms speak with one tongue across the globe (but, Susannah, do they have accents?).

am going to shower, relax, summon guides and ingest
will try to create article during if possible  

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