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 :: it's been a long time ::
12 Jul 2003 @ 09:43, by Merilene_M. Murphy

wow, i can't believe my last newciv post was in feb. 2002. a lots been going on with me since then and i am fine. in thinking back to the day i joined newciv (09.11.01) and why (needing to find community of builders rather than anger and destruction), i see the long hours i spent daily at newciv for about five months as really rewarding. i made sweet friends, wrote some good poems, learned a whole lot about myself, the engine called newciv and an amazing group of diverse people. anyhow, just stopped by in time to say 'bon voyage' to the funches and a brief hello to all my newciv buds.

check with me from time to time at the roost.


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