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picture3 Feb 2002 @ 14:39, by Merilene_M. Murphy

on line q'ing
written 02.03.02
by merilene m. murphy


i'm behind him on the food4less line
his name is lazaro ming nzingha ong pirizabian quiet thunder
he goes by david
a woman in front of him cashes wic chits & food stamps
the woman before her used a gold card
these things take time
he shakes his head
math reduced to accounting
people reduced to math reduced to accounting
he shakes his head again

david tells the cashier no
forget this bogus check
he's not going to cash it for zilch
wages less deductions less fees
here's my card
he says
i am a man
i do it all
just call & i'll settle the bill my way

it's not a question
he waits with his bags

at last the cashier gets it & smiles
she hasn't had a hot shower in weeks

she picks up the company phone
& announces
attention all customers on line seven
a man who does it all
anybody can pay all or part of $24.23
please step to the front of the line now
above services in exchange

slipping $10 in the till
she turns to david & says
thank you for shopping at food4less
please come again

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