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 just having some fun
22 Dec 2001 @ 08:47, by Merilene_M. Murphy the planet bar & grill...
ming dropped off a bunch of beers

i had been kind of busy (but i'm never too busy for a beer)

sindy, imagine, gyrfalcon, vaxen (oi!), clandestin, bushman, kay, zendancer, slack were all hanging out
listening to music
sharing stories

i had heard ming & i think clandestin over in another room talking about dolphins & sex.

so i brought by a comic book, _some enchanted evening_, & left it on the bar by, er, mistake.

later, but not much later, i came back looking for my book.
[as if it wasn't obvious, it was hiding behind the kangaroo picture linked above.]

i pretended not to notice. bushman was at the bar & i wanted to say something, anything to him, you know get a full sentence out of him for once. so i said to bushman: "still want that water, mister? it's gonna cost you the same as a scotch, i'm telling you. so what'll it be? & watch out for the lady sitting next to ya. she might throw a dolpin in. she's done it before. :}"

no sooner than i had said it, up pops the dreaming dolphin lady with a postcard for us: [link]

& says "Well that dolphin is of a better humor than the Kangaroo sitting across from you."

which set the supergirls at the counter gabbing. ten to one, whenever anyone starts using superlatives (best, better) around here, it'll wind up a gabfest.

hmmm, i'm thinking, maybe this gabfest will work on the bushman. over the gabfest chatter, i ask bushman what he thinks & you know what he says? "soup, please." what a smiler!

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