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 hats for a new civilization
picture10 Dec 2001 @ 10:47, by Merilene_M. Murphy

hats for a new civilization
by merilene m. murphy (
written 12.10.01

hats for a new civilization

some friends drop in
on the way to a new civilization
say they
hey sister
we ain't going nowhere without a poet
grab your hat

nota bene: invitations like these can rattle you

it's not so much i have to choose a hat to go
it's the fact it is time to go rattles me
& i actually have to dress for the celebration

of course
i choose my velour animal print
it's soft
it's ferocious

under it
in the mirror
i prepare my smile
the whole negromongolocaucasoidastroid beam

when i tell my friends i'm ready
they say cool hat
& we say
unexpectedly together
let's go


what's under your hat? where are you going in it?

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