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 forward & unbroken
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 11:32, by Merilene_M. Murphy

forward & unbroken
by merilene m. murphy (

forward & unbroken

my name comes back to me
four hundred years off tradewinds
forward & unbroken

the children
my children
all my children have lost my name in
seas between us
but i remember

we all wore ocean once
i remember first skin
bolts of mist unfolding
kilimanjaro snows
red drape moons slipping off
zanzibar green shoulders
blue & white sand & tide

nile to mississippi
what's left cottons cities
embarrassing brick rags
i lick bleeding fingers
city sticks in our backs
we stitch & weep & stitch
hang on our sweet beliefs

we all wore ocean once
wove skin out waters' breath
cosmic cloth thread & mist
wet as we are love now
naked on skins' first edge
i remember first flesh
wet as we are love now


i chase saint butterfly
into life's strange cocoon
tighten your blue silk noose
you laugh maggots & worms

in your crystal sandbox
our dirty futures squirm
you bet life's not a game
i bet saint butterfly

laughing maggots & worms
twice i ask you to choose
dandelions & wish
blue silk noose or feathers

i invite you in for fun
fashion our worms to wings
we crawl in you crawl out
sky's blue silk noose & still

time i break myself open
i'm dandelions' lace
blue wishes chasing saints
laughing right along


this is my skin cloth of the gods
a circle i fit perfect in
cosmic fling of wild skirts & heart
my hands passion no black veil dance

here is
nubia my lasting bones
sun passing through circles i am
new chances to dance you wildly
earth's bouquet for your smile my love

i'm rain's green wings dancing seasons
cosmic fling of wild skirts & heart
i will meet you in the middle
wildly fold you in & go on
forward & unbroken

forward & unbroken
by merilene m. murphy (

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