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 never on a full moon
picture29 Oct 2001 @ 11:29, by Merilene_M. Murphy

never on a full moon
by merilene m. murphy (

never on a full moon

empty as a holey bowl of night
i sieve moonlight

empty as a holey bowl of night
i sieve moonlight spilt
off games poem gods play

they play games
these poem gods
these verbal masturbators cupped at nothing's breasts
these cosmos bursters
slurping & spewing rainbow ooze & ahs

spilt moonlight everywhere
myth drool dangling there through holey bowls of night

spilt myth everywhere
on a crucifix
in a drink like a cheap tourist umbrella
osiris's lost head spinning in
nothing's juice passed around in the holy grail
ladled moonlight

they play games
i get leaks of birds tweet tweet tweeting on sweet
laughter's trapeze in & out of a dream where a man
steeps me a sky high sandwich of light & air & rain &
trees for free & lays it down like this: wrap your lips
around this poem honey

they play games
i get rain stained notebooks at the ball park
full of high hopes for safe cities
shared sanities

they play games
i get myself
a poor girl who learns she's poor in
freshman econ one-o-one
i get myself
harlem childhood tales to floor you if
you'd only talk with me
i get myself
a flow of stars surviving a war zone of
burnt out buildings poem by poem

all i know is history never much did honey the game
never much did flesh up a good myth
so i'll try

past & futures
on my lips drying

sweat of a poem
what it means to have & not own
beginning with the sound o
moonlight flowing through holey bowls of night
nothing's milk
the o as in sieving the light
the circle my mouth makes
the holding & letting go
the hollow full sound

who knows if
pouring a poem into space begins with erasure

all i know is
history's dissonance is a big hole in this page
gone with my hatred the shame of my enmities
gone the prideful homing of disease
gone the bloat of suffering the joys of my body
blown out too
the bone ash of burnt out war zones from my eyes

this poem is nothing
if i lie
it's for the feeble & never on a full moon

never on a full moon
by merilene m. murphy (

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