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 raise a joyous noise::turn to divine powers
picture2 Dec 2001 @ 13:25
there is a wonderful new civilization network group project going on::turn to divine powers. guided by chandrika sampat & pankaj sampat, the turn to divine powers workgroup is bustling about putting out daily good news on the web & you can be apart of this. so raise a joyous noise. check out good morning times [[ [link] ]] & add your good news to the GMT calendar.  More >

 merilene's rent party for telepoetics
category picture18 Nov 2001 @ 15:34
i am happy to have been able to find a forward community, this new civilization network. i want to count myself in here, as a forward mover. sometimes i can, unequivocally. other times, i find myself working on the essentials & sort of countering the forward move. that is, i find at times i am acting out in this community from a part of me that dwells in the reality of the rent must be paid syndrome & it is at times like these, i shamelessly plug myself [[[ [link] ]]]because even forward rollers have to eat.  More >