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2003-07-12: :: it's been a long time ::
2002-02-03: ::on line q'ing::
2002-02-02: outfield in the playground of the perfect perfecting
2001-12-22: if i were
2001-12-22: just having some fun
2001-12-18: ::desiderata::
2001-12-10: hats for a new civilization
2001-12-02: FREE
2001-12-02: raise a joyous noise::turn to divine powers
2001-11-24: why i love you before i ask who you are
2001-11-20: getting around small text webpages
2001-11-18: merilene's rent party for telepoetics
2001-11-17: ncn links & other places i like to go
2001-11-16: who wants to play scraps? game#1
2001-11-14: ggurdjieff::see st. hick::in the::opening the zendor::newslog
2001-11-13: sometimes when you love me (mother earth) it hurts
2001-11-12: where i get my photos
2001-11-11: bill says ms started the open source movement
2001-11-10: dear new civilization friends
2001-10-29: it seems
2001-10-29: forward & unbroken
2001-10-29: never on a full moon
2001-10-29: my first religion is eavesdropping::letter to joseph campbell poetry contest
2001-10-29: as if we were dancing
2001-10-29: the garden we build is not far

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