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 Reality Maps & Meta-Models8 comments
picture15 Jul 2010 @ 22:05
Most people are totally convinced that there is one and only one reality. Unfortunately they also think that this reality should be the same for everybody.

But our picture of the world depends on how we connect our ideas and concepts, the Memes, with each other to form a more or less congruent model with a minimum number of internal contradictions. This could be called a 'reality map'.

Behind the map is however yet another map, let's call it a 'meta-map' for lack of other words. This map is created by the 'why questions' and their collective and individual answers, as 'everybody know', haha.

Many thinkerers don't make that clear destinction. Science, for example, as the modern reality map 'by definition' often forays into the meta-models of philosophies or religion or denounce them as futile and false even though it should be none of their business.

The most interesting feature of these maps and models is that they can contain areas of complete and utter obscurity, illogics, and stupidity, and nobody would complain, of they notice them at all, of course, as long as there is a number of sufficient other areas that have been 'verified' as to be 'logical, sane, clear, obvious, etc etc'. This fact has been used by tricksters since the dawn of human language to take advantage of their fellow men. Today we see the perfection of this art in every aspect of life.

As Frater Otto wrote once: "If Darwinism were right (or what people claim nowadays it should be), humankind would be in dire straits. While aristocrats are incesting itself to extinction, the new clique of global robbery and deceit would create a human tribe with the worst attributes thinkable, of rotten morals and evil intent, destroying every positive value still in existence..."

These harsh words may be very much exaggerated but the principle holds true.

No matter how realistic the reality map, no matter how perfect the logics within the meta-model, WITHOUT a positive intent, 'good will' as Kant would have said, nothing goes. Even the best model, when overlayed with evil intent, produces destructive results.

On the other hand, the worst system of thinking may still yield good fruits, or as Kant pointed to as "good will without any qualifications" being the 'only good'.

Maybe we should rate governments on a 'good will' scale (from minus 10 to plus 10). Maybe some would even be on the 'plus'-side of the scale..

Another fascinating aspect that I witnessed when doing a complete life analysis (for far more than a thousand clients over the years!), is that I never came across just two people sharing a 'reality map' or a 'meta-model'! Everyone truly has their own way to behold the Universe!

The true sage, methinks, recycles his own reality map periodically and swaps his meta-models just for fun and as a spiritual-mental exercise a few times per year, whatever the pantheon, whatever the symbols used, whatever the implications may be.
After all, the peak state of looking at the world without any reality map in one's mind IS FUN!!!!

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 At what point does a symbiotic relationship become parasitic?15 comments
picture6 Jul 2009 @ 20:08
Somewhat surprised that somehow perhaps it wasn't clear what I referred to in my last BLOG entry, due to excessive tongue-in-cheek one may speculate, an interesting question arised nonetheless: besides that every living organism is part of the food chain and one could see the parasites of human bodies as establishing a 'bottom-up' food chain, at what point is symbiotic relationship turning parasitic?

This point is even more important if we forget of the parasites of Humans and instead look at Human Parasites.

In October 2004 I wrote on this BLOG about the phenomenon called 'Bread of Shame' ("nehama d’ksufa") [link] as a basic paradigm of the architecture of this Universe. In the context at hand, we could postulate that the turning point from symbiotic to parasitic behavior would happen due to a 'polarity reversal': the parasite does NOT give back anything substantial in exchange to the host, in contrast to a symbiotic behavior pattern, and in the end TURNS AGAINST the host, even claiming that the HOST would be 'out-of-exchange', the parasite. Exactly this is happening since quite some time, globally and at the highest levels of command.

I wished I had some new solutions at hand but what I wrote in 2004, sadly so or not, is still the case:

M. Because of its basic nature, the phenomenon of the 'bread of shame' is very difficult to teach to people, perhaps impossible. One could come to the conclusion that one of the basic purposes of a human life is to bring about the awareness of it along with its balancing.

In addition, meanwhile it became even clearer to me that it is NOT sufficient to educate and provide solutions on an individual level but rather that one needs to change the EMBEDDING CULTURES.

Well, you know the rest of that game...

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 Transpersonal 2-Point Process (ME)10 comments
picture23 May 2009 @ 17:32
During a break from the 'Projekt Nagual' [link] programme last month (The April Encounter), some of us experimented with the 2-Point Process of Matrix Energetics. None of us did the course with the ME guys. Max showed a group of 6 what he thinks of how it works and all were able to do it as well. We then made it a 'bit more transpersonal': 2 different people holding the 2 points. It worked just as well.

While we sent us to the floor mutually, others jumped in the air (photo), in front of the beach house. A good time for all :-)

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 Types of Ego and Ego Cultures6 comments
picture10 May 2009 @ 14:34
The other day I became inspired to look a bit more at the group behavior of the egos and archetypes of the Inner Pantheon and their typology.

Many people think of the Ego or Egos being easily classified by the 'Seven Deadly Sins' of the Christian tradition but there are many other such lists around, even Gandhi had his own list [link] .

Interestingly, there are some Ego types ommited, and some are of the worst kind, so I made my anti-list:

1. Righteousness
2. Blaming
3. Ascetics (punishing one's body, including such things as denying food or certain kinds of it)
4. Servitude
5. Hope (waiting instead of acting now)
6. Faith (in divine or worldly authorities)
7. Tolerance (of abusiveness of suppressive groups or governments)

If we look at the motivations and justifications for war, suppression, pogroms, and destructive actions, we find the latter Ego types significantly overrepresented and the traditional 'seven sins' grossly underrepresented.

The Ego types on this list share an interesting feature: they HIDE themselves behind the 'cardinal virtues' and are therefore much more difficult to detect.

From the viewpoint of reaching the state of a 'perfect mind', ANY Ego, vice or virtue, is an EGO and can turn into its opposite at any type, given the right 'input', read: justification.

Now, looking closer at the 'Inner Pantheon', we find that a person typically carries a set of Egos around which mutually support each other. Such a group behavior is called a 'culture' or 'clima'.

In short, analzying a single Ego and de-constructing it (by removing its underlying polarity) is NOT enough. We must recognize the connected Egos and change the 'culture' of Egos through group processes if we want to prevent the recreation of unwanted Egos in the future.

We see an echo of the protonormalism of societies to have its basis here in the personal realm, already present within the Inner Pantheon.

And, of course, this 'deadly sin' of societies, protonormalism, would have a firm place in any list of 'deadly sins of groups'.

Well, there is a lot more to say, but now it's time to get the Egos and masks ready for Mother's Day! Good luck to all!

Protonormalistically, not even I have a chance in the world to shun this Meme of all Memes, the Mama-Meme...

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