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 Walter Smetak, sound alchemist, about the Primary Split9 comments
picture29 Jul 2010 @ 16:58
One of the great Brazilian minds barely known outside Brazil was Walter Smetak [link] . Born in Switzerland in 1913, he became Brazilian in 1968. Working originally as a luthier, he was an amazing, musician, philosopher, teacher,composer, and inventor of 'musical instruments as sculptures', he called himself a 'modern discomposer'.

His insights into the Primay Split [link] and its foundations within the Vedas,
are so remarkable that I couldn't resist translating a bit from one of the book he wrote "Retorno ao Futuro" ("Back to the future"), written in 1982, three years before Zemecky's film,(but unfortunately available only in Portuguese):

Walter Smetak:
"The passage from unity to diversity could be called 'the discovery of
the worlds'. Outside the unities are hidden the higher worlds, the
middle and the lower ones, and right here begins the process of
The unity divides itself into two parts, and, in an enormous downfall,
takes part of matter. Using what is already known through the
tradition of names, however without knowing profoundly the substances
that make up matter. After a certain while of intense studies, it
perceives that the diversity is as limitless as the spirit is itself,
and, within a certain zone, it then begins to confuse itself with
subtle matter of the spirit. However, with his mental body being
unable to advance his knowledge beyond the structure of the allowed,
it oscillates in its meditation between the personal and the
impersonal. In a more exact language, it would be between the
impersonal Brahma and Vishnu, with Vishnu being an Avatar of Krishna.
For the occidentals it appears as an antropomorphic God within a
medieval concept. All investigations by philosophical research of the
liberation of today's man becomes useless because another sentence
makes itself heard very distinctly: the primordeal Law has no need for
reforms."  More >