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 Joachim di Fiore and Obama4 comments
picture17 Oct 2009 @ 16:21
Well, some time ago I mentioned the incredible, unlikely connection between Joachim di Fiore and Obama, as I gleaned out of the most strange book I've ever encountered and that I'm translating now.

I nearly mentioned it in my recent interview at Cafe Filosofico [link] when I talked about the impact of 'trinity' as ideology not only present in Comte's positivism but in modern politics at large...

Surprise, surprise, once more: 'reality' passed me by and I didn't even notice it until just now:

Here [link] we read the following:
The Vatican has dismissed as a heretic a mystical medieval monk apparently cited by Barack Obama as a moral authority and visionary.

According to Father Raniero Cantalamessa, preacher to the Pontifical Household, the US President referred in campaign speeches to Gioacchino da Fiore, or Joachim of Fiore, as a ''master of contemporary civilisation'' who had sought to create a better world. Drawing on the Book of Revelation, Gioacchino envisaged a "new age of the Holy Spirit" in which the Church hierarchy would cease to exist and Christians would unite with infidels in an "Order of the Just".
(end quote)

Well, well, well, the circle is closing...  More >