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 Anthony's Crystal: Closing the Gap between Archetypes and Energies24 comments
picture11 Dec 2009 @ 16:38
While we arrived at a fairly comprehensive update of the ancient system of Ifá for modern times in regards to the primal energies (Olodus), there still was a considerable lack of linking energies and the archetypes.

Note, that the primal energies (Olodus) can be seen as an axiomatic system of the 16 basic principles of anything that exists (see Polar Dynamics 1 by Sandor/Dawson [link] )and it's binary geometry is reflected in the Toth Diagram [link] .

The Archetypes (or Archons, Devas, Orishas, Spiritual Guides, or Archangels, Sephiroth, whatever you like to call them) never fit exactly in the binary structure of the energy polarities (Olodus). It was significant to realize that contemplating the binary sequence alone was not sufficient. One crucial question was the overlap of the Eshu (counter) forces from below with the Orisha forces from 'above'.

Note, that this way of seeing 'creation' is NOT 'creationalistic' but supports the concept of 'evolution', and very much so, except for the 'design' aspect and the 'first unfolding', two topics for which the 'evolutionist' do NOT have a response themselves.

When I branched out to the decimal system of 'counting' the archetypal forces, I looked again at the odd relationship between the number of 201 Archetypes (in this aspect also called Irunmole) and the number of 256 energies (Olodus) out of which they spring, and then, after realizing that there are 55 prime numbers between 1 and 256, saw that the Archetypes arise out of the 201 non-prime numbers and that the 55 prime numbers are allocated exclusively to Eshus (and another force which I will not name here).

Edward J. Dawson spearheaded a new division of the Archetypes in the past years. A part of this work is reflected in our book 'Your Personal Archetype' [link] but much progress was made since then. Most importantly, he realized the concordance of the 6 archetypes, 3 males and 3 females, with the concept of the 'triune brain' (link?) and charted the four-directional subdivision of the 6 'archetype complexes', matching them with 'traditional' observation.

Already some time ago, I found that the numbering within one of the traditional Ifa divination systems, the 'Merindinlogun', is the 'real' numbering system within the Archetypes and that it is a decimal and not a binary system. It took longer to also find out that it is multiplication that creates 'offspring' of the main archetypes and not addition (as it is predominant in 'sacred number' theories).

Looking at the number space in relation to the archetypal forces, I arrived at a crystal, and with the help of the 2.5yr old crystal child Anthony, as you can see in the photo attached, we made a little 'clay-match-demo' of Anthony's Crystal!

How would a 'new/old Genesis' then read when built onto the decimal numberspace?  More >