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 Biotech company blames God for contamination of rice crops5 comments
picture15 Dec 2009 @ 14:01
MJ sang:
"Don't blame it on the sunshine
Don't blame it on the moonlight
Don't blame it on the good times
Blame it on the boogie!"

He got it wrong, sorry. It was and is, like always. God's fault! The Boogie man must be him, after all he made it all possible!

Exactly like the contamination of today's world's rice crops with an experimental variety called LL601. It was tested and found not worthy around 2001 and today it's all over the place.

Bayer CropScience of Research Triangle Park, N.C, knows exactly why: it's them stupid farmers and an "act of God", [link]

So, don't blame it on the Boogie, pleeeze..

Did I mention that the "variety" was never approved by the "authorities"?
(Bayer is working hard on that to fix that retroactively, it's been only 8 yrs after all since they did it, after all).

Should I mention that it was following Monsanto's weird-killer ’roundup ready’ strategy of usurping the world markets? [link]

Smart move, if your patented genes show up around the world, you own the world! Sure, you got the "copyright"! If them stupid farmers don't want'em it's their problem.

Maybe I should mention the industry labs are 'certain' that a connection Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) and Bayer's pesticide of the bee colonies cannot be proven
Not in 2000 when it was banned in France [link] much less in 2009 [link]

Meanwhile, in Copenhagen, the wealth of nations gets redistributed over an issue that REALLY could be seen as an "act of God", at least if you're Sun worshipper: the notorious ClimateChange [link] (note to the link: the guys say something plausible while still not realizing that temperatures are DROPPING since years. [link]

Let's keep our heads cool, too! It's of no use to jump from one hype into the next.

Let's not forget to push for Open Science and to get politicians and industry to stop telling scientists what to publish or not to publish. And, last not least, let's get the judges out of the labs, telling us what 'science' is good for us and what is 'bad'!

If in doubt, remember, don'sing along with Michael RIP, but chant:

"Let's blame it on the sunshine!"

Can't go wrong with that one :)  More >