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 World-News: Candle-Trick worked, Salvation is Near, New Age Church is Born!4 comments
picture27 Sep 2003 @ 12:05, by Max Sandor

Here are the latest worldshaking news:

my candle-burning for Joachim de Floris (also known as Gioacchino da Fiore) worked, salvation is near, cuz a new New Age Church is Born!

The candle was still burning when the ultimate news arrived in my mailbox in 6 parts: ADMIROLOGY - THE NEW AGE RELIGION.

Ruediger already joined, what else would you expect from him?

HOWEVER, there IS a major problem with this: the new church was born in the Valley!

As EVERYBODY knows, nothing good comes from there.

That's why Ming had to escape to France (in case you ever wondered...

why he made this move).

One could say that Lisa lives there, but she is always traveling and really comes from Arcadia where they make a movie now about her hitherto unknown sister Joannne (they mispelled her name, tzz!).

Also, regarding the avatar of the 'vir spiritualis, the Ubermensch, it has been confirmed that it IS Elvis.

Many people wrote me urging me to point out that Michael J. Fox does NOT have any Elvis in it. Ergo, he CANNOT be Joachim's 'vir spiritualis', the Ubermensch, period. Point well taken, OK, OK. (Celeb quiz: where does Michael J. Fox come from? Hint: read what was said above about the Valley, and you'll now it!)

Another, not so important point but still disconcerting:

We all know who the Commodore was but WHO will be the Admiral of the Church of ADMIROLOGY?

Until ELVIS returns, somebody has to take this job, or not. Everyone is encouraged to apply (except Michael J. Fox, of course).


While Ruediger is working on a hymn (called 'The Chalice of Light' - stay tuned for that one!!), I offer graciously, as a humble gift to mankind, the logo for the new Church of ADMIROLOGY. To not appear too militant, one can use the Admiral butterfly instead, see attached snapshot live from the Grove.


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27 Sep 2003 @ 16:46 by waalstraat : If Nominated
I want to make it perfectly clear I will not accept the nomination for commodore--except...I must admit I am as attracted to Admiral butterflies as they are to light...  

27 Sep 2003 @ 17:11 by MX @ : may we nominate you as...
Admiral Butterfly?
If so, and elected, do you need a Rear Admiral or rather a frontwoman ?
I always wondered ;-)
Wasn't there a famous Admiral Butterfield, too???  

28 Sep 2003 @ 04:55 by waalstraat : Well that is Different
If it was really by popular demand, and if and only if, Erica ("the celebrity") could be my front woman and beautiful Rear Admiral, I would humbly accept the nominations. But my friend-- what is with that queston about Admiral Butterfly?
Butterfly/Shmutterfly none of them really eat butter. I thought a keen observer like you would know that MX  

1 May 2016 @ 11:58 by Matty @ : wrnFPCfxdrAAVTsEG
#130,No. Just sounded like one. :) All the Taiwanese I knew who went to school at Rutgers were shocked at how expensive US health care was, how lousy it was, and the amount of time you had to wait to get an aptneotminp.  

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