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 Arnold for President! We want a Presidator ! Jawoll Ja!14 comments
picture8 Oct 2003 @ 13:35
Arnold did it.


Remember Reagan???

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 What's happening at the Grove: Latest (International) Net-TV4 comments
picture22 Aug 2003 @ 07:15
It was rather quiet on the BLOG recently - I was busy with many things, including virus stuff of all kinds, and... seeing TV on the net..

This happened rather by accident. I was looking around for (yet) another satellite dish to lurk for the skies in between the Grovian trees but there doesn't seem to be a simple solution out there if you want to have feeds from more than one country. Ming in Europe should be more lucky in that respect.

Anyway, I discovered that the options to see TV over the net have dramatically improved since the last time I checked.

Here is an overview of my favorites and their pro and cons..  More >